PA University Professor Excels In Economics, Making Gay Students Cry

The unnamed Indiana University of Pennsylvania graduate business professor who allegedly made student Christina Santiago cry by calling her “disgusting, unnatural, and abnormal” has apparently made another gay students cry as well. Only this time, it was a guy who the professor allegedly told was going to hell.

From The Advocate:

Alum Michael Heller, who is gay told KDKA News that he faced the same professor five years ago who said, “God created Adam and Even, not Adam and Steve, and that being gay was an abomination.” Heller said the professor added that “anybody that was gay was going to burn in Hell, and that’s what they deserved.”

Heller said the situation in the classroom drove him to walk out of the room in tears. He complained to IUP’s administrators, but he said he’s frustrated that the problem persists for students years later.

At least the professor treats all gay students the same.