Will Court Reverse Deportation Order?

Pakistani Gay Files Australian Appeal

Alleged homosexual Ali Humayun’s feeling hopeful. Following the Australian Refugee Review Tribunal’s decision to deport the Pakistani nation, young Humayun’s filed an appeal with the nation’s high court.

The Pakistani national claims he faces abuse if he returns to his homeland, where homosexuality’s illegal. An official however, ruled that Humayun’s not really a gay. In fact, they think he “contrived” his queerness and subsequent relationship with a man. C’mon, Australia, don’t be so conceited!

In a May ruling, one Tribunal official wrote:

The applicant was not in fact bisexual … [his relationship] was simply the product of the situation where only partners of the same sex were available and said nothing about his sexual orientation.

Reacting to yesterday’s ruling, Humayun’s ally, Community Action Against Homophobia’s Rachel Evans blasted the decision, saying:

I guess the way that you would determine as to whether or not someone is homosexual is by talking to them and talking to their friends and talking to their lovers and not prejudging them in any way. And unfortunately that’s what the Refugee Review Tribunal has done in this case.

Let’s see if the High Court has a little more compassion or he’s headed back to Pakistan – and away from his lover.