Palestinians Come Clean On Gay Arafat’s AIDS Death

Tongues are flapping over Palestine way, where President Mahmoud Abbas and Nationalist leader Ahmad Jibril confirmed that former Palestinian President Yasser Arafat died of AIDS. And, what’s more, he most likely got the bug from having gay sex. Israel Today reports:

Jibril, like many Palestinians, readily accepted the notion that Israel had assassinated Arafat, and wanted the Palestinian Authority to conduct an official investigation concluding as much. The response from Abbas’ aides changed in an instant Jibril’s view of his deceased mentor.

“They were silent, and then one of them said to me: ‘To be honest, the French gave us the medical report, that stated that the cause of [Arafat’s] death was AIDS.’”

Arafat eventually died in a Paris hospital after being airlifted out of Ramallah. Many speculated that the Palestinian leader, who was said to have had numerous homosexual relationships, had in fact contracted AIDS.

Jibril went on to tell reporters that with truth out there, Fatah can look forward to a new era. Their increasingly cozy relationship with Israel probably won’t hurt, either.