Palin Excites Reagan-Loving Dobson

James Dobson totally has a crush on potential vice-president Sarah Palin.

Dobson, the right-wing leader who once swore he wouldn’t vote for “centrist” John McCain, has been absolutely gushing over Palin’s place on the Republican ticket.

In fact, Dobson says he hasn’t been this excited since the days of Ronald Reagan.

Speaking with [radio host Dennis] Prager, Dr. Dobson said he now feels the same excitement he felt when Ronald Reagan was inaugurated.

“That was one of the most exciting days of my life, because everything that we had hoped for and been working for had come to pass,” he told Prager. “I feel very much that way today. Maybe that�s an overstatement. Maybe time won’t validate it, but this is a very exciting and encouraging day for conservatives and pro-family activists. I am just very, very pleased.”

We have a general rule: whenever Dobson’s happy, we’re unhappy. Such emotion from such a backward man can never be good.