Palin’s Darfur Stance Means Nothing

Genocide isn’t really our editorial purview, but we have to take a second to discuss Sarah Palin’s comments last night on Sudan’s war torn Darfur region.

Asked whether she would support putting troops on the ground in Sudan and try to stem the outrageous blood-letting, Palin, like so many times last night, didn’t give a clear, concise answer. Rather, the Alaska Governor attempted to gussy up her own involvement, which turns out to be next to nothing. And her introductory statement’s offensive on so many levels:

What I’ve done in my position to help, as the governor of a state that’s pretty rich in natural resources, we have a $40 billion investment fund, a savings fund called the Alaska Permanent Fund.

When I and others in the legislature found out we had some millions of dollars in Sudan, we called for divestment through legislation of those dollars to make sure we weren’t doing anything that would be seen as condoning the activities there in Darfur.

That legislation hasn’t passed yet but it needs to because all of us, as individuals, and as humanitarians and as elected officials should do all we can to end those atrocities in that region of the world.

What?! You are planning on disinvesting so you don’t look like you’re “condoning” genocide in Darfur? That is not action, but image projection. Doesn’t this woman understand that disinvestment doesn’t really do anything, anyway, because the Chinese don’t give two shits about human rights and are more than willing to pump money into the region?

Watch both Palin and Joe Biden‘s responses on the Darfur question down below…