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Palm Springs Gays Get Love from City Council, Death Threats from Neighbor

A symbolic vote to support the freedom to marry brought out the weirdos in Palm Springs Wednesday night. Although most residents were A-OK with the resolution, one guy paraded around with a shirt reading “Leviticus 20:13/Ever Read it?”

Oh, good old Leviticus 20:13. That’s the one about how gays “shall surely be put to death.” Well, you’ll be glad to hear that instituting capital punishment for homosex was not, in fact, on the City Council’s agenda. This isn’t Uganda, after all.

The guy with the shirt, Owen Mangan, claimed that letting gay people marry would drive away heterosexual families.

In completely unrelated news, an employee of the Palm Springs police department was arrested on Wednesday on suspicion of opposite-sex statutory rape. Well then, let’s hope that Owen is right! With heterosexuals like these, good riddance.

Wednesday’s vote doesn’t accomplish much of anything, in practical terms, since Palm Springs can’t override Prop 8. But the unanimous vote is at least a very nice gesture. At least, it’s nicer than surely putting your hairdresser to death.