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Palm Springs Police Chief David Dominguez: Sorry For Calling Gays ‘Cocksuckers’

David Dominguez, the Palm Springs Police chief recorded on surveillance tape calling gay men “cocksuckers” and “filthy motherfuckers” while monitoring a public park sex sting, is sorry, y’all! Well, sorry he got caught.

“An inappropriate comment made by me did not display the utmost professional conduct expected from the chief of police and I sincerely apologize to the community at large,” says Dominguez (pictured) in a statement, which mentions nothing about the department targeting gays at a public park, where 19 men were arrested after “complaints” about drug use, public sex, and prostitution in the city’s Warm Sands district. “I believe we have all learned much about perception and sensitivity,” his statement adds. “While we are not perfect, we make every attempt to understand and embrace the diversity of our community.”

Dominguez’s offensive remarks — which months ago, on the record, he denied making — already has sensitivity training being foisted upon the department. And now he’s making us question his integrity! “Was the chief lying then or was he lying now, and what is the City Council going to do about it?,” wonders aloud attorney Roger Tansey, who’s representing six of the men arrested. “He was furious someone would even imply he was in the car making obscene comments. Now, it appears that he did.” And when Tansey hits up the Jan. 20 hearing for his clients in an attempt to have the charges dropped, he’s going to be sure to raise the issue: “Certainly to the extent that you have the police chief calling them names and officers down the line calling them names, I would assume a judge would agree that is discriminatory.”