Pam Ann Is a Fake Flight Attendant, And Will Not Save You In Case of Emergency


Pam Ann is comedian who wears a flight attendant’s uniform on stage so, when she insults all the real flight attendants in her audience, they understand she’s just playin’. Sort of.

This is not Jerry Seinfeld’s flight attendant humor, full of casual observations about what happens at 30,000 feet. This is flight attending as performance art. (See: “Touch the trolley, return to the galley,” left.)

If you’re lucky enough to be in the audience of 60s-style Pam Ann — real name: Caroline Reid — during her 11-city tour (it ends Oct. 28 in New York) with actual airline industry employees, you’re in for a treat, because she’ll have them up on stage in a Aisle Walk-Off. Aside from cricket, there’s no better competition than seeing the men and women who bring you those cute little Absolut bottles (coach) or bubbly from a chilled bottle (first class) prancing across the stage.

Pam Ann’s humor, like that of many comedians, relies on one thing holding true: stereotypes. Like how Virgin flight attendants are the most whore-y, and how United’s are so ancient, they’re practically dead. (Did you feel that chill? It was a United ghost creeping by.) It’s funny, because it’s true. Then there’s her Asian flight attendant character, Lilly, which is as offensive as you’d expect (see video). We imagine she’s taken shit for it over the years, but she continues to play the role.

Pam Ann is also, despite what a first glance might surmise, not a drag queen. She is, however, an ideal Halloween costume. She’s half-joking, half-serious when she plays up about her thicker middle section, but her glossy white platform boots are no punchline.

A quick jet to Britain will reveal she’s already a gay icon there. With any luck, Americans will embrace her without delay.

Now please store your carry-on baggage, and score tickets here.