Pam Bondi Once Again Acts Like A Petulant Child When Confronted With The Truth


Pam Bondi is at it again.

The Florida Attorney General insists on continuing to politicize the Orlando massacre… by accusing others of politicizing it while crowing about being a “champion” for LGBTQ people and simultaneously denying her record of antigay animus.

Way to keep it classy, Pam.

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It all started earlier this week, when Anderson Cooper pushed back on Bondi’s claims that she was an LGBTQ ally by bringing up the time she argued against marriage equality in court, saying gay married people would cause “impose significant public harm.”

Bondi awkwardly insisted “I never said I didn’t like gay people!” then she ran to her local conservative radio station to accuse Cooper of choosing to “encourage anger and hate” instead of using his platform to be a “champion for the LGBT community.”

Cooper then responded in a segment on AC360, blasting Bondi for misrepresenting their interview and ignoring the larger, more important issue: That she’s patting herself on the back for being a “champion” for a community she has actively worked to discriminate against in the past.

Well, yesterday Bondi went on FOX News to discuss what she is now calling a “political attack” against her lodged by Cooper.

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“There’s a time and place for everything,” she said, “if he wants to ask me about doing my job defending the constitution. But to incite anger and hatred was not the time nor the place in front of a hospital.”

She continued: “And I kept trying to bring him back. He cut me off. He said ‘sick irony.’ You know? And I get it. He’s hurt. He is a champion of the LGBT community. But, you know, that’s a time for us to come together.”

But she didn’t stop there.

“He said I’m either mistaken or not telling the truth,” she rambled on. “Well, the interview is what it is. And, also, I would love for CNN to release his microphone that was wired when we were talking about I was excited, telling him, I was excited that he could help people.”

“Emotions are high,” she added. “I saw later that he had cried. You know, it is what it is. But let’s just focus on unity and love. And he basically mocked me for saying that!”

Watch Pam try to scrape the metaphorical dog shit off her shoes in the video below…