Pandora Boxx Answers Your Questions in Hilarious Web Series ‘Ask Pandora’

Do you have a question you want to ask RuPaul’s Drag Race season 2 star Pandora Boxx? Now’s your chance!

After releasing three episode in 2013, Pandora Boxx has rebooted her old web series ‘Ask Pandora,’ for a fun fourth episode! In this new episode, Pandora answers a variety of questions from fans and two questions from fellow Drag Race alum Alaska Thunderfuck and Darienne Lake.

These types of cheesy, campy comedy videos remind us of why we fell in love with Pandora and we hope she releases more episodes of this series this year!

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If you’d like to send Pandora a question, tweet your question to @ThePandoraBoxx using the hashtag #AskPandora.