Pandora Boxx Opens Up About Her Suicide Attempt and Being 'Different'

Author: Deborah Nelson

Pandora Boxx RuPauls Drag Race Season 2 Different
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New Song and Music Video: Pandora Boxx – ‘Different’

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Pandora Boxx had the idea to make a song about being different because she was brave enough to talk on RuPaul’s Drag Race about a suicide attempt she made in her teenage years.  “I just get a lot of messages from people, it really resonated with a lot of people.” Before the show she had never really spoken out about suicide.

On the show, in a workroom chat about bullying, Pandora revealed:

[quote]I tried to kill myself. I didn’t know what gay was, I knew I was totally different, totally alone. I hated myself for years. I thought…I just can’t deal with it anymore.”[/quote]

“Everyone was really cool about it,” she explained during our interview. “I didn’t really think anything about it but they aired it and all of these people started messaging me and emailing me. The very first one I got said that because of what I said on the show that I saved her life. It was really powerful and I’m so glad that I said it.”


She explained that when she was younger, “If I was watching TV and somebody had said that exact same thing, somebody that I related to, I would probably have felt the same way. Growing up there weren’t any gay people on TV. My family never talked about gay people. I did’t really know anybody. I didn’t realize that’s what I was. I just knew I was different.”

Being able to express through music that it’s okay to be different is just the next step in spreading the word, this time to a sickening dance club vibe with some spooky cool visuals. She explained, “I wanted to do a song that celebrated people for being different. That’s usually what it boils down to, that people are getting picked on for not being ‘normal’ – whatever that is.”

‘Different’ is exactly the song Pandora wanted it to be – fun, great for dancing and not preachy, but still with a solid message and meaning behind it.

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