Panicked Man Strangled, Stole From Trans Woman, Say Prosecutors

Ed note: We hate having to report stories like this…

The murder trial of eighteen-year old Jamaican Shanniel Hyatt began in England this week. Hyatt stands accused of strangling 39-year old trans woman Kellie Telesford after discovering her nuts and bolts. Then, after he had covered her dead body with a sheet, Hyatt proceeded to loot Telesford’s apartment, according to prosecutors.

Hyatt, meanwhile, insists he didn’t kill Telesford, but his story’s anything but straight…

In interview he first claimed that he had met Miss Telesford and gone back to her flat for drinks and to watch a DVD, before leaving after 10pm after she had given him oral sex.

He admitted taking the phone, but no other possessions.

In further interviews he changed his story several times, but insisted he left the flat late that night and went to South Croydon with friends ‘robbing people’.

Miss O’Neill said: “He said he only discovered Kellie had been a man an hour before (in interview) and had not known she was a biological male while he was with her.

“He said he “felt pissed about finding out” and said he would have left straight away. He denied he made the discovery at the flat and became violent as a result.’

Among the possessions stolen from Telesford’s apartment were a credit card and a cell phone. The card was used to buy a bus ticket from Teleford’s area to Hyatt, while the phone wound up in Hyatt’s girlfriend’s purse. We’re sure she wasn’t pleased – for more reason than one.