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  • johnosahon

    what did you expect from this creature?

    we know from PA that she is a church and gun LOVER.

    so in north carolina she is now a homophobe.

    i cannot wait for puerto rico, when she will finally tell us that her father is not her biological father she was adopted from a latin family.

  • Brad

    no. stop stereotyping

  • Kid A

    Oh please, this is the silliest thing I’ve ever heard someone WORK to get offended about. Let’s give both candidates some rest about stupid stuff like this.

  • Jon

    I totally agree with Kid A. Why must we analyze every word people say and try to make drama where there is none?

  • Cody

    Who cares? My god…

  • MJ

    The Queertys probably just hate Easley because he didn’t step in to save Mike Nifong from going to jail for a day.

  • Andrew

    I would have never thought that was offensive if you didn’t call it offensive. I still don’t think there’s anything wrong with it… and yes, I’m gay.

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