Paper Blasts Barack’s Gay “Silence”

Philadelphia Gay News‘ editorial staff ain’t feeling presidential hopeful Barack Obama.

As CBS News reports, the local gay paper published a blank space on its cover, representing the candidate’s failure to grant them an interview. Rival Hillary Clinton did sit down with them, thus resulting in the headline, “Clinton Talks, Obama Balks.” Ouch.

The paper also features a scathing editorial comment for Obama:

At this point in the Democratic presidential campaign, we’re able to view the candidates by their actions. And we have found that Sen. Barack Obama would rather talk at the LGBT community than with them.

The fact is that Obama has spoken with the gay press only twice, and one of those interviews…was in 2004, before he became a U.S. senator. The other limited interview [with The Advocate] occurred after controversy erupted when his campaign added an anti-gay minister to his tour of the South. It has now been 1,522 days since Obama has been accessible to our community.

And by “our community,” they mean local gay press.

Update: PGN publisher Mark Segal failed to tell his readers he donated $1,000 to Hillary Clinton.