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‘Paper Boys,’ ‘Gay Husbands’ and 8 other streaming gay series to binge now

The advent of the streaming age opened up a whole new catalog of film and television content, and an even wider audience to view it. Naturally, we are ahead of the curve with not one, not two, but three specialized streaming services focusing specifically on queer film and television and getting said content to the community. Meanwhile, Hulu, Netflix and Amazon Video are also generating reams of first-rate queer-friendly content.

Revry, Dekkoo and World of Wonder Plus have also opened the door to a new generation of creators who finally have the platform and budget to produce series too incendiary for network audiences.

With this waterfall of content, how’s a girl to make good choices?

As with any TV network though, not all the content earns its runtime.

Fortunately, we here at Queerty spent the weekend binging on some of what they streaming services have to offer, starting with these ten shows.

With Revry’s OutWeb Fest approaching this May 18, count on a lot more new, LGBT-themed shows hitting the stream, and a lot more reasons to plant your behind on the couch. Popcorn and wine optional, but encouraged.

1. Drag Race Untucked

The behind-the-scenes series chronicling all the off-camera drama on RuPaul’s Drag Race became a flagship series for the streaming service World of Wonder Plus. Catch all the extra hilarity, gossip and shade from Ru’s contestant queens, as well a commentary from the host himself.

Streams on World of Wonder Plus

2. The Gay Husbands of San Francisco

As much a parody of the Real Housewives series as one of gay life, The Gay Husbands of San Francisco follows eight gay men as they navigate life, love, sex, and traffic in the Castro. Sexy leads and sharp observations about contemporary gay culture give the show a familiar feel, sort of like sitting with family around the dinner table and making fun of each other except that it’s done with love.

Streams on Revry

3. Paper Boys

This atmospheric fantasy follows the adventures of aspiring artist Cole who discovers the images he draws will eventually come to pass in real life. Far from a dream come true, his newfound power wreaks havoc on the lives around him, starting with his love life. Beautiful cinematography and an intriguing premise,  this series marks the fourth original from streaming service Dekkoo, and the long-awaited season order for Paper Boys debuts this May 10.

Streams on Dekkoo 

4. I’m Fine

Season 2 of the acclaimed web series debuted in January catching up with main protagonist Nate as he tries to get over a break-up with his ex. I’m Fine captures the precarious situations that arise when everyone seems a so much happier by comparison. Conceived by series creator Brandon Kirby as the anti-LookingI’m Fine explores the yearning for love in Los Angeles, a city with a nasty habit of eating the sensitive.

Streams on Dekkoo

5. Before I Got Famous

Streaming network Revry premiered this series last year with great fanfare. Aspiring Chinese actor Alex comes to Hollywood with stars in his eyes, only to meet with the harsh (and hilarious) realities of whitewashed casting, porn, closeted actors and, of course, Grindr. Witty writing and an appealing cast, headed by handsome lead Anthony Ma, bring this show to life.

Streams on Revry

6. Drag Race Thailand

The ultimate dude in a dress reality show goes to the land of the ladyboys, and much like its western namesake features some of Southeast Asia’s most talented female impersonators. Hosted by noted drag star Pangina Heals, Drag Race Thailand offers more dragtastic fabulousness…and some consolation for Drag Race fans sick of having episodes spoiled on Facebook.

Streams on World of Wonder Plus

7. Gayborhood

Series about gay life tend to focus on two locations: Los Angeles and New York. Now, thanks to Revry, Chicago gets in on the action with Gayborhood. Filmed on location in the Windy City, Gayborhood follows the faux-reality adventures of a group of ridiculous misanthropes. The city backdrops make for some gorgeous locations, while the revelation that Heaven is full of d!cks add to the charm.

Streams on Revry

8. Down Home

An urban gay couple retreat to the farm country of Kentucky to take care of an ailing father in this Revry drama. While the story of a gay son dealing with his homophobic family doesn’t exactly inspire hilarity, the point where city and country gays meet sure does. Down Home also features some of the same actors from Gayborhood showing off their dramatic range.

Streams on Revry

9. Bobbin Around with Bob the Drag Queen

Bob the Drag Queen conquered Drag Race. Who’d have doubted that he has his eyes set on the world next? Bobbin Around with Bob the Drag Queen features the titular queen and his uber-adorable assistant/sidekick Luis on their worldwide adventures to explore, meet guys and find the wildest times they can. The reality series features no shortage of Bob’s signature comedy, along with one of the most logical, low-budget theme songs since Chappelle’s Show.

Streams on World of Wonder Plus

10. Honest Men

Noted author and filmmaker Tyson Anthony created this series about African-American men making erotic connections. Well-acted & produced, Honest Men also features no shortage of great-looking men and some very graphic scenes of nudity. Said scenes are so sexy, in fact, we’re warning you now: wear loose-fitting clothing. You’ll know why when it happens.

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