Paper Must Print Apology For Anti-Gay Article

South African newspaper The Sunday Sun must print an apology after publishing an inflammatory article by journo Jon Qwelane.

Qwelane caused a stir earlier this month after writing that while he doesn’t approve of Robert Mugabe’s insanity, he does appreciate the Zimbabwe President’s anti-gay politics. Homo activists were not impressed and promptly organized a protest.

After hearing activist calls for media justice, press ombudsman Joe Tholoe ruled yesterday that while Qwelane didn’t necessarily incite homophobic hate, he did cross the line:

There is nothing in the column that incites hatred and calls for the harming of homosexuals.

Columnists are protected by the constitution for as long as their comments don’t propagate war, incite imminent violence, or advocate hatred that constitutes incitement to cause harm.

Qwelane was well within the law but fell foul of the Press Code.

Yeah, real foul…