Paraguay Activists March To Legalize Same-Sex Marriage

More than 500 gay-rights activists marched through Paraguay on Saturday, demanding lawmakers approve same-sex marriage.

“This march is about gay and lesbian pride, but we are also demanding that Congress approve in the future a marriage law for people of the same sex,” explained protestor Analia Gonzalez of the annual demonstration, which began on the  steps of Antequera and ended at the Pantheon of Heroes.

With no action on proposed marriage-equality legislation, Paraguay looks increasingly like an outlier in South America: Neighboring Uruguay became the continent’s first country to approve same-sex civil unions in 2010, and has been joined by Brazil, Columbia and Ecuador. Argentina, just south of Paraguay, became the first nation on the continent to legalize gay marriage, in 2010 and nearby Chile and Bolivia are currently debating the issue. Paraguayan activists  cite opposition by the Catholic Church as the main obstacle in the historically conservative country.