Party Out Of Bounds

Parents Kick Gay Teen Out Of The House… To Set Up A Coming Out Surprise Party!


She “kind of suspected something was up” ever since her parents asked her several weeks back whether she was gay.

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17-year-old Kinsey Ratzman of New Jersey tells NBC 4 New York that the initial conversation was “awkward but sweet,” and inspired her to come out on on social media:


Kinsey thought that was that, and didn’t think twice when her parents said they’d be throwing “an early Fourth of July party,” because that isn’t suspicious at all.

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When Kinsey returned from running errands at the mall, she stumbled into a home plastered with rainbow decorations. Her parents had covertly planned her coming out party, those coy little minxes.

We’re talking rainbow-colored veggie kebabs and rainbow pasta: the works. The cake had rainbow layers, yo. There was even rainbow-colored spread, rainbow cups and plates, rainbow napkins, rainbow, rainbow, rainbow. The works.

Damn. The napkins even had “Pride” written on them.

According to Alison, Kinsey’s mom, “Lots of people were like, ‘Are you sure you want to do that, you sure she’s gonna enjoy that? You sure she’s not gonna be embarrassed, this is kind of a whole new thing for her. But I said, ‘No, I think she’ll really appreciate it. It’ll show how much we really support her and how much we’re behind her.”

“It has been amazing,” Kinsey says. “The best part is seeing how happy the party has made everyone. Especially in light of the Pulse shootings this past pride month, our community needs a little joy and hope and I’m glad to say my family has helped contribute to that.”

Did we mention the rainbow-themed cake?