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Parents Of Vallejo Unified In Losing Battle To Keep Kids From Learning About The Gays

Some parents in California’s Vallejo Unified School District still can’t wrap their heads around their innocent little children being taught about non-celibate homosexuals. Which students can not opt out from. Indoctrination!

The district actually has little say in the matter: After the ACLU sued on behalf of a bullied gay teen student, a court ordered the school last May to teach tolerance. Not good enough for many parents at Wednesday’s school board meeting, who lined up to talk about how they have no problem what you fags do in private, but their kids aren’t ready to learn not to call people faggots.

Snaps to Superintendant Floyd Gonella for dropping the hard news to parents: tough shit. [NBC Bay Area]

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  • ewe

    I always hated that backward area of california

  • the crustybastard

    Of course they can “opt-out.” Private schools remain as bigoted as they wanna be.

  • John (CA)

    After last year’s unfortunate incident with “Christian” Mayor Osby Davis telling gays they were going to Hell, Vallejo is on a rapid descent into the Hall of Shame. This is a suburb only thirty minutes away from Downtown San Francisco by the way. It is officially part of the San Francisco Bay Area and participates in all the regional governmental institutions (Metropolitan Transportation Commission, Association of Bay Area Governments, etc.)

    That is a little too close for comfort. If we ever needed proof that California still has a long way to go in terms of tolerance, this is definitely it. Californians love to mock Texas, South Carolina, and such for being backward.

    But who are we kidding, really?

  • Cam

    And I wonder how any of thoese parents would react if some anti-women’s rights groups didn’t want the students to learn that women could vote in America, or that women should be paid equal wages or hold jobs outside the house.

    Everybody wants tolerance until it’s their turn to give a little.

  • DR

    Every day we edge just that much closer to a nanny state…

  • Aaron

    @John (CA): It doesn’t matter where you live. Whether it’s Texas, California, England, France, Serbia, Iran, or China. Ignorance and bigotry is universal.

  • Alex Sarmiento

    I live in Vallejo. I’ve been living there since 2003, and before that spent some of my early years there. Guys, it is the most ridiculous place in all of the San Francisco Bay Area. It declared bankruptcy over a year ago. There is absolutely NOTHING of note except for Six Flags Discovery Kingdom (the former Marine World Africa USA) and shopping centers. When my parents dragged me to live with them in Vallejo in 2003, I knew that it was a huge mistake. Sure enough, I was right. Yet few people in Vallejo even realize that.

  • Stephen Thorn

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t Solano county (the county Vallejo’s located in) the only Bay Area county where the majority of the residents voted in favor of Proposition 8? If so, that speaks volumes about the local mindset when it comes to LGBT issues…

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