Parents Prefer Violence To Gay Kissing


A recent poll from parent-oriented gaming site What They Play asked what offended parents more: violence, cursing, hetero sex or gay sex. As you can see, decapitation ranks better than same-sex smooching.

Now we understand all the school shootings, cheerleader beat downs and other underage maladies.

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  • Michael Archuleta

    Um, 28 is more than 27

  • Michael Archuleta

    Um I am retarded and can’t see.

  • dvlaries

    And what … this is NEWS or something? Who doesn’t believe, even in 2008, that fathers who can’t tell you the names of their children’s teachers, the names of their children’s friends or have a clue of their children’s clothing sizes will nevertheless be right there insisting that their son’s behaviors conform to the going machismo stereotypes.

  • JackBeck

    This seems to be a bit of faux outrage. Those polled were most offended by a man and woman having sex. Shrugs.

  • tracy johnson

    What about two severed heads of the opposite sex kissing?

  • Juju

    since when is gay sex “two men kissing?” i agree with comment number 4 – can you queerty guys just stick to what you do best – posting hot pics of guys in your morning goods section? thx

  • nikko

    these parents are truly freaks….no wonder the world is the shit that it is.

  • Tallskin

    Yes, but read the article properly, they repeated the survey in Norway (that’s over here in Europe, folks) and found the exact opposite result – so it’s only Americans that prefer violence to sex. Which is probably why the world is scared shitless of you mad fucks.

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