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Parents Should Hope For Just 2 Daughters If They Want To Live Happily Ever After

For homosexuals wishing to have children, choosing the number of heirs they want to love is almost as important as factoring in how much it will cost them, whether paying for a sperm donor and IVF treatment, a surrogate mother, or adoption fees. But at least hopeful parents have a new tool in plotting out whether they want to follow in the footsteps of Elton, Neil, or Wanda: A new study claims to have discovered the formula for the number and sex of children that are most likely to lead to a happy family unit.

Big families can lead to the neglecting of a child. Having only one son and one daughter leads to children growing up with disparate interests. So what is the perfect mix? From best to worst:

1. Two girls
2. One boy and one girl
3. Two boys
4. Three girls
5. Three boys
6. Four boys
7. Two girls and one boy
8. Two boys and one girl
9. Three boys and one girl
10. Three girls and one boy
11. Two boys and two girls
12. Four girls

And god help you if you Brady Bunch yourself into a lifetime of stress.