Parents Tell Children: No Sex Before Civil Unions

In the United Kingdom, it is illegal for heterosexuals to get civil unions. But in many American states, like Vermont and New Jersey, that’s the only option gays have. Luckily, that’s the new American dream: Watching Four Civil Unions And a Funeral while enjoying your civil unioned life with two cars, a picket fence, and 2.5 kids.

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  • Adrian

    Terrific! A just point made so simply. Roll on marriage equality.

  • robert in nyc

    I wasn’t aware NYS legalized civil unions.

    Meanwhile, the UK has civil partnerships (unions) for gays only at the national level though there is a movement there to allow straights to have them and for gays to have civil marriage which probably will happen now that two of the three leaders of the major political parties endorse civil marriage equality.

  • DR


    “Roll on” implies something is being done instead of most states getting stuck sitting on their collective behinds because the powers that be in Gay, Inc refuse to move forward with marriage challenges in EVERY state. We can’t wait Prop 8 to be decided in the hopes it will erase laws and amendments in every state when there is a strong possibility it will have a much more limited holding.

    If Gay, Inc’s plan is to selectively pick and choose states to sue and leave the rest of us in the cold, I’ll take civil unions if I can have one tomorrow. I’m tired of this poorly-executed game plan over a word. We need the economic rights now, not ten years from now.

  • Rashid

    Vermont has same-sex marriage. Jesus, who writes this?

  • Joe



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