Or Is It A Lesbian Illusion?

Paris And Kate Get Cozy At ‘L-Word’ Premiere?

It looks like Paris Hilton booked a night with the lesbians at last night’s The L-Word premiere.

Homo-journo Marc Malkin braved the babe fest and reports his eye-witness accounts of Hilton and sex bomb actress Katherine Moennig making like trees together:

The hotel heiress was dressed in a black and tan minidress, black stockings and pumps, and she wore a black bob wig and hat.

She quickly squeezed herself into the middle of a banquette with Moennig and about eight other women and a couple of guys. Hilton and Moennig whispered to each other, wrapped their arms around each other, did shots, smoked cigarettes and took photos.

At one point, Ms. Hilton hiked her dress up to her waist and lifted her right leg into the air. She also changed hats, ditching the black one for a gray woolly number. And of course, Hilton entertained the crowd with some of her trademark dancing atop the banquette.

At about 10 p.m., Hilton and Moennig took off for lesbian night at the Falcon restaurant and lounge on Sunset Boulevard. “Paris and Kate are here holding hands,” an eyewitness emailed me at about 11:30 p.m.

Absolutely titillating. Some wonder, however, if that was in fact Paris Hilton or one of her many look-a-likes. We can no longer tell the difference between Hilton and her frightening franchise.

Malkin’s lady loving sources also claim Hilton chatted with producer Ilene Chaiken. Said party-goer, “Paris wants to be on the show.” That’s a terrible idea.