Paris Hilton: Gay Guys On Grindr “Disgusting” And “Probably Have AIDS”

Not that we ever looked to Paris Hilton for wise counsel, but the empty-headed heiress sunk to a new low when she disparaged gay men as horny and “disgusting.”

In an audio clip recorded by a cab driver shuttling her and a gay friend, Hilton opines that “gay guys are the horniest people in the world. They’re disgusting. Dude, most of them probably have AIDS…  I would be so scared if I were a gay guy. You’ll like, die of AIDS.”

In a statement to RadarOnline Paris’ rep insists the comments were taken out of context and made out of genuine concern:

“Paris Hilton’s comments were to express that it is dangerous for anyone to have unprotected sex that could lead to a life threatening disease. The conversation became heated, after a close gay friend told her in a cab ride, a story about a gay man who has AIDS and is knowingly having unprotected sex.

He also discussed a website that encourages random sex by gay men with strangers. As she was being shown the website her comments were in reference to those people promoting themselves on the site. The cab driver who recorded this, only provided a portion of the conversation. It was not her intent to make any derogatory comments about all gays. Paris Hilton is a huge supporter of the gay community and would never purposefully make any negative statements about anyone’s sexual orientation.”

Oh Paris, you could get away with the ditzy, racist homophobic schtick when you were 21 and right off the factory floor. Now you’re in your 30s and its just, like, desperate.


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  • yaoming

    She’s, like, an idiot.

  • Ester Goldberg

    ahh… remember when like it seemed like only yesterday..the LA GAY PRIDE COMMITTEE made this Shill the Grand Marshall of the 2005 PARADE? We all slapped our foreheads and asked WHY? Only cuz her Fame whore butt was on TV and had a hit reality show and every little queen was saying “THATS HOT”… yeap.. we gay folks don’t vet well sometimes either

  • Dez

    She has a point, that guys on Grindr are disgusting. And if you sleep around, you probably do have some STD, if not AIDS.
    The only thing she is wrong for is lumping all gay men together. Not all gay men are on grindr and not all gay men sleep around. Gay guys are no more horny than straight guys! It just seems like that because it’s two guys, instead of one guy and a girl.

  • littleBIGchris

    Paris is a ditz, but didn’t bash gay men. She bashed SLUTTY gay men who engage in anonymous sex with strangers using their phone to hunt for dick. I’m all for single people embracing their inner sluts… but boys, let’s not kid ourselves: it’s risky behavior.

  • zaneymcbanes

    Are we not considering the very real possibility that she was just hammered out of her mind and trying to be funny?

  • James F

    As a HIV+ New Yorker she has a point…….Upwards of 40% of Gay men in NYC are HIV+ and if your Neg you do run a risk…add being “young and dumb”/booze/Meth or other party drugs to a quick pickup site like Grinder or Manhunt you are at a much higher risk……I take what she said as she was trying to keep her friend safe……..Sometime we all have to hear the truth……

  • Eric Auerbach

    I don’t know about the AIDS stuff, but gay men *are* kinda whorish.

  • BillyFarquhar

    For once, I actually believe the PR person that she was commenting only on the guys she was seeing on Grindr. I don’t think she was speaking about all gay men. Good job, Queerty, for making a mountain out of a molehill. But you got me to click on the page, so advertisers will be happy.

  • trelin

    I actually do NOT believe she’s homophobic. She really wouldn’t have a career if it wasn’t for the gay men in her life that had padded her brain amongst her wallet, by pimping her name out for product endorsements.

    The audioclip does make it seem like she’s speaking of a “type” of gay man, and not so much the community as a whole. Alas, she’s not the quickest train at the station and she was probably a little drunk, so she probably didn’t think before she spoke. That happens to MOST people.

    Plus, as soon as this clip was leaked, her PR people were ALL over it to put the kabosh to mediate the negative press. She knows her audience.

  • Guillermo3

    @Ester Goldberg: Too True,
    Ester Goldberg,
    I Hope you don’t catch the same kind of flack I did[still ongoing]
    when I made similar remarks about the outrage over the asshole
    remarks Everett made & similar shock/outrage over the imperfections of
    other “Gay Icons”.

  • Dakotahgeo

    Blond… obviously!!!

  • mattsy

    She got fucked raw in her video so using her logic, she has AIDS too. And herpes for sure.

  • QJ201

    @Dez: “if you sleep around, you probably do have some STD, if not AIDS.”

    if you sleep around AND DON’T USE CONDOMS, you probably WILL contract an STD if not HIV

    AIDS is syndrome caused by a virus, one does not catch “the AIDS”

    I know plenty of men who are and remain HIV negative despite being big ol’ sluts because they practice safer sex and selective partner choices.

  • erikwm

    This coming from a woman who’s only claim to fame is a sex tape viewed by millions of people?

    The remarks are disparaging because they stereotype people on a subjective basis. I’m on Grindr, but I am not promiscuous.

    I’ve never made a sex tape, either!

  • Papi Balenciaga

    Whatever bitch. Think of all the pearl clutching, vapor catching, and hundreds of negative comments if a black or hispanic chick would have said some chit like that….

  • Guillermo3

    @Eric Auerbach: AN ARGUMENT for
    ATHEISM:You’re sill hating on this site,Herr Auerbach.

  • Eric Auerbach

    @Guillermo3: Guillermo, do you write this stuff in Spanish and then run it through Google Translate? Whenever you post something, I feel like I’m talking to the Mexican maid from Family Guy.

  • MK Ultra

    Did she say it when she was still relevant?
    Because otherwise she has long slipped into pop culture oblivion.

  • Guillermo3

    @Eric Auerbach: Nein,Herr Auerbach.
    I’m not Spanish,or Latino,but I know what you mean:Whenever you write,
    I feel like I’m reading something written by Josef Goebbels’ retarded
    great grandson.

  • Chris-MI

    Isn’t there a rumor that she has herpes? It may not be true, but she did have unprotected sex on camera and she has been linked to numerous men. She’s also been filmed using illegal drugs and of course she was in jail for drunk driving.

    The most interesting thing about this is that she apparently thinks of her own risky behaviors as just things fun-loving rich girls do and other people’s more or less similar behaviors as “horny” and “disgusting.” I’d say that makes her homophobic.

  • Bascha

    I’ve always thought this, and honestly it sounds stupid, but it’s probably true: So many gay men are slutty because if you think about it guys in general are more outwardly horny and looking to bone than the average girl. With gay men you have that TIMES TWO; two people looking for some action as opposed to the one horny straight dude looking for some random chick who is drunk and willing. Yes, there are women out there who are very sexually active, but for the most part (grown) women are very reserved when it comes to sleeping around and picking the right guy to do it with. I think Paris Hilton is an idiot, but it is very likely she was making those comments after looking at the sluts on Grindr about said sluts, not to mention she was being recorded without her knowledge and we all say exaggerated things we don’t mean when we think we’re in private.

  • Charlie in Charge

    Isn’t that the pot calling the kettle beige?

  • Guillermo3

    @Bascha: Regrettably,Bascha,
    I have to agree with you.Men in general,and gay men in particular,
    are too often promiscuous,or wish that they were.

  • tidalpool

    I help support the HIV/AIDS center in my home town. Regardless of the statistics for the USA, HIV/AIDS disgnosis have lept up from 418 20 years ago to well over 10,000 today. We run a home for those with end stage HIV, and an assissted living group home for those unable to work or with no familys. By far and away the majority of the HIV/AIDS community is gay men. And when they come into us, their ‘gay’ familys have gotten quite small. I make no assumptions why, but the fact that a patient or a member of our assisted living homes are lucky to receive more than one to two visits a week. Many have never had a visitor. In this case, the gay community is comprised of conservative gay’s who support the hospice and assissted living home with money and donations, the paid social workers and RN’s, and volunteers from several church groups, primarily catholic and the metropolitan church. We also recieve donations from the Pride Picnic, as well as several individual charities that are local. I would ask, once again, that if you are not supporting your local HIV/AIDS programs, why not? this has been our devastating plague, we have certainly paid a horrific price, and more and more continue to contract this vile disease. If you are gay, or have a gay family member, please try to give what you can. The cost of a hamburger and drink a week insures balanced meals for a day for one patient/occupant. Thanks for listening to my rant.

  • Ann Mason

    Which is tackier: a spoiled, inarticulate rich kid grown older, or a taxicab driver who releases recordings of passengers’ conversations?

  • koichi88

    all the comments are pretty accurate and pretty mild. its true most gay guys on grindr or any dating site are just looking for some holes and pole. you do have some pg gay guys like me who is not. i just browse and chat. but its odd because you never could catch as many dates in a club as you do on a dating site… just saying. paris hilton was probaly drunk but yet speaking the truth, but she could have mention some gay guys like the sicko she was talking about


    Ms Hilton should sweep her own dooryard first. As far as STD’d , I imagine she’s had a few !

  • parrd02

    All gays on grindr are not disgusting! You use Grindr for whatever you want to use it for! I am single and I use it for dating! I’ve also met some decent mates on there! Grindr started off as a promiscuous app! Now it’s used by 1000’s on a social basis! I never use it for one night stands! DON’T TARNISH US ALL WITH THE SAME BRUSH!!!

  • Kenny1948

    Cmon Queerty! As much as I think the woman is a bleached blonde bimbo, she has a point. Grindr is a website for horny gay guys to hook up for anonymous sex, duh! Likewise I gave up on so called gay dating sites when all I ever saw were pics of dicks! Like I told someone, I’m looking to meet a whole person, not just a body part! I often think the gay community is it’s own worst enemy. While we cry about AIDS and the toll it has taken, we have places like GRINDR that cater to casual and anonymous sex. Theres an old saying, ” you can’t have your cake and eat it too “. I’m an old fart now, but just a few years ago I still spent most of my waking day, looking for sex. So I’m no prude! But the reality is, most gay men are simply that GAY MEN. Men who like other men. Hetero men are no different, the only difference being most women are not as easy as most men. Now there’s a generalization for you. But a true one!

  • stadacona

    That’s rich coming from the town slut who is on video taking a huge dong without protection. She and that other female hetero hypocrite, Bristol Palin, should hang out.

  • nineinchnail

    She is an ignorant vacuous c–t who contributes NOTHING to society.

  • niles

    Make this ugliness go away, as well as all of her enabling gay “BFF’s”.

  • hyloguy

    Paris Hilton is not running for office. I don’t give a crap what she said to her gay friend in a taxicab. But I do think that the taxi driver should be fired for recording and publicizing his passengers’ conversations.

  • viveutvivas

    Oh please, she wash dishing with a gray friend. Any one of you have said worse things about what gay men are like to your friends, especially those times someone you liked gave you the cold shoulder, was seen on MH or Grindr while supposedly dating you, cheated on you, or dumped you.

  • horace


  • Suburban

    To say that all gay men are whores or all have AIDS is ignorant. Guys want to get laid or get a blowjob, gay or straight. Are we really going down this road?

  • Eric Auerbach

    @Suburban: A slut is as a slut does. Gay men, on average, have MANY more partners than the average straight man. Let’s not try to rewrite history here.

  • LubbockGayMale

    So, if Paris is so out of touch, why do gay men keep fawning over her??? Liz and Liza at least kept true to their support, not just looking for an audience with money to spend. And why does ANY gay site keep her in the news? Ignore her, and she’ll have no power!

  • Aaron in Honolulu

    I’m with Paris. The truth hurts. Touché ;)

    So many bitter queens.

  • Ms Urethra Franklin

    …. I do not use Grindr, but I still consider myself slutty.

    I am curious to know why any of the poster here do not use Grindr either.
    I don’t use it because I want to control who knows where I am.
    I don’t want random strangers locating me without my permission or knowledge.
    Grindr seems very creepy to me.
    I don’t even use Facebook…

  • funboync

    it is highly likely that she had explored the many facets of sex with numerous gay and bi-sexual men and didn’t even know it and also highly likely that her first anal experience was with a gay man who fantasized somewhere in the midst of the experience that he was plowing an effeminate twink.

  • Gina

    i think she’s an idiot, i saw her lame sex tape, she did “raw dog,” it, i would never spread rumors about std’s about anyone, that being said, i think it was taken out of context, the cab driver is an ass, what he did was creepy, and i’m sure he got paid for it, and since she was with a gay guy who allegedly told her that story, and it was about Grindr hello!!?? “fuckbook for gays” i would say she wasnt being “homophobic.” she is ignorant, and men in general are always looking to stick it pretty much in any hole it fits in, excuse the crude comment, but let’s be real here, boys! biology is biology. and some women have higher sex drives than others, me included, but id rather hold out for someone im really into, than screw a bunch of randoms, even with protection. but that’s me, no judgment. ;)

  • Todd Norris

    Christ, she gets a headline for this? Who cares?

  • Red Meat

    No lies were told, all you Grindr users can really just shut the fuck up and stop trying to justify your sluttyness.

  • streeteditions

    What did she take out of her mouth before she said this?

  • Spike

    What a sad human being, ugly, inside and out.

  • Mittens

    And flashing her rancid axe-wound at people while frequetly not wearing panties is not disgusting?

  • Tone

    Wait, who is it with the prison record and porn clip again?

  • Shannon1981

    This from a woman who got famous for making a sex tape. Hypocrite.

  • Eric Auerbach

    Whoa, is that her hand in that picture? Talk about man-hands.

  • Jack Jett

    Let us allow the torch to be passed to a younger Paris.

    I suggest Honey Boo Boo.

  • Chris

    Look at all the pathetic gay men coming to the rescue of Paris and her ugly fame-whoring mouth. Anyone who defends her remarks in the SLIGHTEST is a bigger cunt than she is.

  • Ruhlmann

    @tidalpool: Thanks for reminding us how serious this issue really is still and thank you for the work you do.

  • Ruhlmann

    @Ann Mason: That was my first thought as well. Isn’t this illegal?

  • Jimcracky

    Paris who?

  • kw

    Paris Hiton – a vaccuous bimbo? Who knew? But I’m far more disgusted that a private conversation she has in the back of a cab with her boyfriend is being used agaisnt her like this. It’s her total right to be a gay-hating bigot if she likes, so long as her believes never translate into actual action against gays, but what about HER right to privacy?

  • Rockery


    Are you serious? more disgusted that she was recorded? So being a “gay-hating bigot” if she never translates it “into actual action against gays”

    You must work for her, I think some of these comments are from her PR,because that is the dumbest thing I think I have ever heard and then to go on and defend her, yup PR

    the difference in the comments between the baseball player vs Paris more offensive comments is so crazy

  • Rockery

    In other news, isn’t her “perscription” up for renewal?

  • hf2hvit

    She was the one that had a big rumor chasing her that she has herpes…who is she to judge?

  • hf2hvit

    @Red Meat: Evidently, you spend a great deal of time there and have become quite the expert.

  • hf2hvit

    @Eric Auerbach: Thank you for that , oh, pure and virtuous one.

    Get some help with your self-loathing…evidently judging others is an attempt to feel better about yourself

  • Aidan8

    @Eric Auerbach: “A slut is as a slut does. Gay men, on average, have MANY more partners than the average straight man. Let’s not try to rewrite history here.” That sounds like mythology. Got any sociological studies/evidence to back that up?

  • IGiveUp

    @Bascha: said “Yes, there are women out there who are very sexually active, but for the most part (grown) women are very reserved when it comes to sleeping around and picking the right guy to do it with”.

    I don’t know if I can totally agree w/this statement. Hell, I think women are bigger pigs than men in many cases. They may not *talk* about it, but…

  • IGiveUp

    1.) C’mon. She’s a ho. She doesn’t contribute that much to society…however….
    2.) in this case, I don’t think she’s totally inaccurate. If gay men are sluts, they do run that risk. That said…
    3.) Yes, she made a generalization. Not the best thing, but…
    4.) I have to agree w/the others out here who said either she was drinking and perhaps embellished a bit b/c that’s what one does w/friends and when they’re feeling loose and good.

    People are making way too big a deal about this one…it’s kind of like the Mittens comment where she wasn’t “as elegant” as she could’ve been.

  • Aidan8

    So I’m curious. I don’t use Grindr. But it seems like some here are saying that if a guy uses Grindr to hook up, he’s a slut or whore or wreckless. But if the same guy instead heads out to a club and meets a guy and hooks up, that’s different. I don’t see it. Neither is bad, per se. And meeting at a club or gym or cafe or party and hooking up is not in some way “morally superior” to any other way of meeting. IMHO.

  • Sebizzar

    @Dez: Pretty sure that’s what she meant lol. Like the article said, it was just taken out of context cause we didn’t know she was referring to guys who do bug-chasing.

  • hornybeast

    just a troll, not give it a dame…

  • Dumdum

    You all are as gross and stupid as she.The only difference is that she is a dumb rich B#%*h.And you are all just B#%*hes.Only an idiot would have unprotected sex.A whore gets paid. Sluts have sex.Sexual orientation has nothing to do with promiscuity.You all need to grow up and get a life!!! Holy mother of god!!! How old are you all,9, or 10 ???

  • Guillermo3

    @Eric Auerbach: Don’t know which
    Godwin you mean,Herr Auerbach.The only 2 who come readily my
    mind are Mary Wollstonecraft’s father and Mills Godwin,a mediocre
    governor of Virginia when I was young.Not interested enough to
    waste my time googling Godwins to find out.
    Be that as it may,Herr Auerbach,while I plead guilty to not
    having clearly stated my intentions,it was not mentally disabled
    people in general to whom I was referring[not mocking,but insulting],
    it was only you.In any case,I’m sure Hitler would have overlooked
    your mental incapacity and embraced you for your many
    gay-bashing comments and your implied willingness to pin the
    the pink triangle on us “Marys”[to use your term].

  • Guillermo3

    @hornybeast: Translation,please,
    hornybeast.What would a “troll” want with a “dame”?

  • Guillermo3

    @Dumdum: Dear Dumdum(my favorite cheap
    sucker for trick-or-treaters),Does “You are all” mean everyone
    commenting here[perhaps including yourself]?
    I ask,because there seem to me a great variety of opinions

  • Burlington

    She only said what our society thinks about gay men but is ashamed to voice it. For most people gays are pervs that desqualify themselves for being linked with lack of morals and promiscuity. The amount of bad behavior given by some gay men are so huge and the good examples so few that this image has solidified through the years without exceptions.

  • Guillermo3

    @Eric Auerbach: Herr Auerbach,for
    one whose gay-bashing comments on this site are legion,it is
    ironic both that you profess so much knowledge on all things gay
    and that you spend so much time here.

  • Guillermo3

    @Aidan8: Hello Aiden8,my snarkily
    witty friend.Glad to see you’re keeping up the good work.
    the non-Latino Gullermo3

  • Guillermo3

    @hf2hvit: Thank you,hf2hvit,
    I’ve been saying the same things,both more and MUCH LESS
    gently to Herr Auerbach for several days.His multiple
    gay-bashing tirades & the amount of time he evidently
    spends here Do seem to indicate that he’s another homophobic,
    self-hating closet case.

  • JOHN 1957

    Gentlemen, Gentlemen! Let’s not turn against each other because of an insignificant gold digger who’s time has run out and is desperate to find a new source of income for her coke habit. Tell the truth and shame the devil!

    I guess mommy never taught her that people in glass houses should never throw stones. I guess your having a blank moment when you forgot about the video you did, talk about the handle calling the kettle black. That’s like an escort calling a street walker a whore! A brain fart moment due to drug and booze burn out, remember when you got busted with cocaine? and how many times were you in court and the tears you shed when they want to put your tired plastic self in jail? It’s obvious your not fab anymore nor popular and your still trying to get attention because your cash flow came to a screeching halt. You’ve been replaced and most people just say; Whatever happened to Paris what’s her face?

    We all know how botched up society is when it comes to morals. If a man has many female lovers of which have had his children and yet he supports none of them, he’s just being a typical male. If a professional man hires a $2,000 an hour escorts a couple of times a week, uses protection, pays for services rendered and walks away he’s promiscuous? Who is irresponsible and who is a slut here? A lot of men just cut to the chase and leave out the wining and dining that lead to major disappointments 90% of the time. I didn’t make the rules, but it’s my privilege to have sex with as many consenting adult men that I want to and keep it to myself.

  • Burlington

    @JOHN 1957: ” Who is irresponsible and who is a slut here? ”
    A father that doesn’t love and take care of his kids is certanly vile. But ” a professional man … ” is not the best example because he pays for sex. Put a price in something that is supposed to be given for free turns a natural act as vile as a careless father is. Prostitution ( and porn too ) put a price on sex and make it vile, debased. A low act.

  • EvonCook

    First to answer a couple of people’s queeries. We figure that a horny gay guy has at least 8 to 10 times the number of sexual encounters of horny str8 guys. Hopefully most of us enjoy it and do not internalize the self-loathing and self hate and community putdowns so commonly expressed here by the prudes, religionists and whimpies among us. The golden advice in this day and age is to have lots of sex, enjoy it all and experience as much and as many people as you can and celebrate life, orgasm and men and their cocks –but do it safely as a matter of common sense, self preservation and respect for the other human beings around you. AIDS is a human disease, and the only place gay men appear to suffer more from it is here in the US where we simply have so much more wonderful gay sex so once it got here it spread like wildfire before it was even recognized or understood. Everywhere else in the world and throughout its history it is and has always been a PREDOMINANTLY HETEROSEXUAL disease –was in the beginning, has always been and will always be no matter how the ignorant sickies try to blame the gay community with their hate, bigotry, self righteousness and actual jealousy! Every time I have a mouthful of cum or a good, safe fuck, I know that cock is the greatest, most powerful and delicious thing on this planet, and I am blessed to worship and serve all I can. The assimilationists and self-haters may have blunted and tried to suppress the joy of gay sex, but it will always win out in the end. And the internet services are actually helping people to self realize at a much earlier age, to make sexual contact much more frequently and easily and to celebrate and share male eroticism more openly, blatantly and un-suppressably. Cock will eventually win out over everything despite the fears, taboos, hate and prudes because when you think of it and experience it what can compare to a beautiful, virile, aroused, sensitive and bountiful cock? Nothing I have ever seen has such magical, physical and pleasurable power in the universe!

  • JOHN 1957

    @Burlington: My grandfather was the first man, who thought he was johnny apple seed and yes he was a vile womanizer and a pedophile to add salt to a wound. It is obvious that Hilton’s parents never taught her self respect and of other human beings or she would have never exploited herself as she has done. The professional man may not be the best example but it’s based on fact and our society’s so called morals and how they judge. I was raised to give from the heart and never look back, now I find people give to receive in return. People have their reasons for doing what they do though we don’t always agree or approve of them. Prostitution and porn have been around since the stone age which brings up the question has man really evolved since then? I myself am a hopeless romantic and could never have sex or sell sex for the sake of it, I guess I’m one of the worlds oddballs. Porn does have it’s place in the privacy of one’s domain, but it does have it’s limits. I’ve learned not judge people for their life styles, Karma will do that for them soon enough to their dismay. Peace

  • EquesNiger

    Agreed. I loathe the creature, but she does have a point, albeit from a position of hypocrisy, though it does seem very much taken out of context and definitely intended as off the record.
    Simply put – any group in a minority tends to participate in those activities more aggressively which define its minority status. If your are Jewish in a community of non-Jews, your religious participation becomes more intense, and your religion becomes a defining characteristic. If you are African American, or Asian American, your racial culture becomes your defining characteristic. The limitations imposed on breaking boundaries and educational limitations imposed by these boundaries has long been a thorny psychological, sociological and economic issue. Wars have been fought and lives lost because of this intolerance and the aggressiveness of those marginalized matched with the aggressiveness of the majority.
    Defining oneself as “gay” – one’s sexual preference – therefore immediately places sex much higher on the scale of importance than were the “minority oppression” issue not so predominant. This enhanced sexual focus is one of the major reasons why the gay community suffers from such high statistical incidence of so-called “sex addiction”, as well high incidence relative to other communities in terms of other addictions associated with “getting some” (alcoholism, drug abuse, body dysmorphic disorder – the list goes on). The fact that gay community and counselling centers, as a rule, all offer counseling in regards to sex addiction, as well as other addictive disorders, as part of their general treatment menu is no accident. Guys past 40 are no longer sexually viable – and require counselling from these same centers in a high degree as a result. Seriously folks, the fact a sexaulity-focused center is required at all is indicative of the issue, well beyond the issue of personal acceptance. Having been involved in these centers and their programs for many years, I can tell you most discussion focuses not on accepting you are gay, but dealing with the sexual conseuqnces of it. It’s all a bit sex mad.
    This is not self-loathing to say this – it’s a matter of self-awareness. It’s not all of us, either. Being unashamed of being gay does not mean defining one’s life in terms of sex. The sooner society accepts being gay as normal, the sooner this issue can be put in the background, the sooner there will be less pressure to defend our sexual preference by an tendency to overindulge in it.
    Seriously, people, saying in general “gay men are no more promiscuous than straight men” is self-delusion. Our culture is heavily sexual. Sex and sexual images predominate. Disproportionately so. The sooner we encourage focus on the fact that sex is part of our lives, just like sexuality is part of who we are, not the entirety of it, the healthier we will be.

    From personal experience, I can tell you that while condoms protect you quite well from AIDS, other diseases don’t have quite the success rate. She is correct that promiscuity increases the chance of STDs (condoms or no), though she is inaccurate of course that all guys on Grindr have AIDS. Most of us who have had a promiscuous lifestyle of frequent partners, if we are honest, have had to go get a little prick once or twice to deal with the consequences.

    Would you consider yourself a member of the overwhelming minority here? It’s true any tool can be put to various uses, but isn’t it the primary purpose which usually comes to define it? As Grindr was created as a “hook-up with guys near you” sexual expediency app, isnt implying the app is innocent and the users to blame a bit off? Seriously, you can use a dildo to drive in a nail, but I doubt it was bought for that purpose.

  • kw

    @Rockery: The right to private conversation and freedom of speech are as basic as it gets. Just because I disagree with what someone says when they exercise that right is not reason to steal away that right.

  • kw

    So much christian inspired pseudo morality here. All the arguing over derogatory terms for guys who have lots of sex. Why SHOULDN’T we have lots of sex? No risk of pregnancy, and so long as we wear protection, minimal risk of anything else either.

    We only live once, and the chances of anything after are virtually zero, so I think those with the sense to be out enjoying it for what it’s worth are the smart ones. Where’s the problem with that?

  • tidalpool

    Our community, the gay community is defined by nothing more then sex. Sex with men. Period. Its imposible to compare a group based on sex with another based on child rearing and the need for family groups to nuture and protect thise children. having said that, in the gay community, we come in every type, color, religion, atheist,democrat, republican, independant, libertarian, monogomous ,promiscious,celibate males. Our community, being based on sex, puts a much higher priority on men who meet what ever the standards of beauty are to the majority, and now we have subsets of men who do not meet that majority definition,however, the meet a different standard. We all know the assorted types. My point here is that the very defining point of our community exacerbates the tendancy for unprotected sex. And given the call for more sex, with no regrets, increases the chance we will contact an STD. Any one here ever had any sexually transmitted disease? I know I have been ‘lucky’with only a case of crabs a few times. The more promiscious among us generally have a longer list. I am an advocate of full discloser. Men who are Positive MUST inform a prospective sexual partner. We owe our brothers that much. Each of us deserves an opportunity to say yea or nay. In the end, we must recognize, if you play, you must be willing to pay, sometimes with the truth, always with regular Dr’s checkups and the ability to accept the consequences of our life style. Remember, Play Safe, and enjoy every man you get to spend time with!

  • tidalpool

    Its pretty well impossible to tell what ” percentage” of gay have aids because many will not tell you that they are gay. however this information may help its the listings from the CDC on who has it , their sexual orientation and how many cases there have been of each . as of 2007 the most recent documented studies.

    Transmission Category Estimated # of AIDS Cases, in 2007
    Adult and Adolescent Male Adult
    Male-to-male sexual contact 16,749
    Injection drug use 3,750
    Male-to-male sexual contact and injection drug use 1,664
    High-risk heterosexual contact* 4,011
    Other** 181

    *Heterosexual contact with a person known to have, or to be at high risk for, HIV infection.
    ** Includes hemophilia, blood transfusion, perinatal exposure, and risk not reported or not identified.

    Thats the 2007 stats, here are the stats for male and female since the plague began

    Transmission Category Estimated # of AIDS Cases, Through 2007*
    Adult and Adolescent Male Adult and Adolescent Female Total
    Male-to-male sexual contact 487,695 – 487,695
    Injection drug use 175,704 80,155 255,859
    Male-to-male sexual contact and injection drug use 71,242 – 71,242
    High-risk heterosexual contact** 63,927 112,230 176,157
    Other*** 12,108 6,158 18,266

    *Includes persons with a diagnosis of AIDS from the beginning of the epidemic through 2007.
    **Heterosexual contact with a person known to have, or to be at high risk for, HIV infection.
    *** Includes hemophilia, blood transfusion, perinatal exposure, and risk not reported or not identified.

    as you can see, homosexual males still have the highest incidence of HIV regardless of what drivel the activists have tried to put out. It still by a factor of 4.6 to 1 a gay problem in North America according to the CDC>

    this was as of the end of 2007 from the the US, 61% of all new HIV cases were M2M related. 7% additionally were gay adolescents who were infected by M2M and intravenous drug useage. this totals 68% off all new aids cases which according to the CDC numbered approximately 47,000 new cases.

    The sucker is still eating our lunch, and we, who pay more then most, need to do all WE can to wipe it out!

  • Guillermo3

    @tidalpool: tidalpool
    (source of life?),You make many good points.However,
    I would deny that the “gay community”,such as/if it exists,
    is based solely on sex,or on sexual orientation.To the degree
    that a gay “community” exists,I believe there is a widely-shared,
    but not universal,sensibility and very often an openness to
    the unusual,the eccentric,and the socialy rejected norms.
    My skepticism[criticism,anger,frustration,sadness]about
    the gay community being a true community,in the sense of
    community being a unified,supportive,and inclusive entity
    is the extensive,pervasive existence of “cattiness'[to use a
    sexist-sounding term],racism,ageism,and

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