Paris Hilton Lesbian Rumors Get Fresh Fuel

Hotel heiress Paris Hilton turned heads at last week’s The L-Word premiere. Fresh off her lesbianic appearance, gossip blog JJ’s Dirt claims “a very close friend” of Hilton’s confirmed the queer rumors:

In an exclusive interview, with a VERY close friend of Hilton’s, I can confirm that Hilton has been sexually involved with Lindsay Lohan, Kimberly Stewart, Britney Spears and of course Nicole Lenz.

On top of Hilton’s sexual history, it was confirmed to me that she still loves her drugs…Not naming anything in particular, just stating “the usual.”

Meanwhile, Showtime’s using Hilton’s appearance as a marketing ploy. Actress chum Katherine Moennig describes herself and Paris as “two peas in a pod”. Does she mean attention loving press mongers or dykes?