Labels, labels, labels

Paris Jackson makes big reveal about her sexuality

Paris Jackson, the only daughter of pop legend Michael Jackson, opened up about her sexuality with her 3.2 Instagram followers over the weekend.

During a Q&A on session with fans, the 20-year-old actress/model was asked “Are you bi?”

Using a new “Questions Sticker” the platform introduced last week, Jackson replied: “that’s what you guys call it so i guess but who needs labels”.

Rumors about Jackson’s sexuality have been swirling since last year when she was spotted several times with 25-year-old model/actress Cara Delavingne.

However, when asked if she and Delevingne were an, Jackson shot back: “None of your goddamn business.”

After news spread that Jackson was bi, she took to Twitter to say it’s really not that big a deal, guys. She’s actually been out for years.

She repeated this sentiment again on Instagram:

“And I’m not ‘bisexual,’” she added. “I just love people for people. I don’t label myself, so please don’t label me.”

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