Paris, New York And Tel Aviv Top The List Of Gay Dream Travel Destinations

Despite the recent demonstration against gay marriage in Paris, the City of Light is still luring gay travelers around the globe.

Today GayCities concluded another annual Best of GayCities campaign by revealing the top travel destinations. The interactive campaign had thousands of GayCities members and readers creating “ultimate dream” travel itineraries by mapping their favorite cities.

Paris was the most selected city overall, and also the top city in two categories: “Romance City” and “Food & Wine City.” New York City came in strong second, nabbing the title of “City That Never Sleeps.”

Rounding out the top 10 “ultimate dream” cities are:

Tel Aviv (pictured right)

San Francisco



Rio de Janeiro




Check out all the winning cities by category, including best “Beach Resort Town” and best “Pride City.”

One lucky “dream traveler” was also selected as the winner of a real-life vacation to the island paradise of Curaçao. GayCities member Travis Acreman (lower left) from New York City created a “dream travel” itinerary after reading about the promotion on Queerty.

“I read Queerty pretty regularly and it seemed like a fun contest,” he said. “I make fantasy itineraries all the time, so I figured why not win a trip out of it.”

Travis will be taking his partner of 10 years to Curaçao, compliments of GayCities, Curaçao Tourist Board and Curaçao’s Floris Suite Hotel.

“We’re definitely going to sample the local liqueur, probably while relaxing on the beach,” he said. “We’ll probably eat all of the amazing food the island has to offer, check out the architecture and find a bit of trouble in the bars. They have casinos? This could be dangerous…”

Wishing this Queerty reader a fantastic time on his vacation!

Photos: Christopher Chan, AmitLev

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  • yaoming

    Lucky bugger.

  • fagburn

    Another fake “survey” bummed out by the Israeli Ministry Of Information.
    I’ve never heard any gayer rave about Tel Aviv – especially Palestinians, Arabs, and those African Jews they’re now trying to deport.
    I expect better from you Queerty – a press release is not news.

  • Cam

    @fagburn: said…

    Another fake “survey” bummed out by the Israeli Ministry Of Information.
    I’ve never heard any gayer rave about Tel Aviv – especially Palestinians, Arabs, and those African Jews they’re now trying to deport.”

    I get that some people have different political beliefs, but please don’t come onto a gay blog and lie about gay rights.

    Those Arabs and Palestinians you are talking about flee to Isreal which accepts being gay as a reason to grant them the right to stay in the country. Why are they fleeing? Gee, because in Palestine being gay is a crime with a mandatory Jail sentance where gay prisoners are regularly beaten, raped, and sometimes killed with no repercussions. To say nothing of the fact that families will often murder a gay child.

    As for your comment about “Africans”, gee, that would be why, when there was a famine in Ethiopia, that ISreal Airlifted a huge number of Ethiopians to come live there.

    Once again, you have your politicial agenda, I get that, but please do not lie about gay rights in order to support it. You are on a gay blog trying to attack the only country in that reason where being gay isn’t a crime. You sound idiotic.

  • Travis

    Thanks Oscar!

  • Merv

    I’m not going to bash Tel Aviv, which I’m sure is a nice city, but I’m going to have to agree with Cam. This smells like politically-motivated ballot stuffing, not the legitimate opinion of typical gay travelers. Tel Aviv makes the list but Amsterdam, New York, and Buenos Aires don’t?

  • 2eo

    @Cam: Surely you know pointing out reality makes you an imperial ultra zionist puppet.

    @fagburn: Do you have a source for this information?, or are you just quoting crap you read one of the Al-Jazeera message boards?

  • gppm1103

    @2eo: He is not quoting crap. Gay Palestinians live secret lives and worry about deportation all the time. Even if their boyfriend is Jewish.

  • Cam


    Enough with your lying. Fleeing Palestine because you are gay is a legal way to get residency status in Israel

    Please, we get it, you support Palestine over ISreal. Whatever, the fact is however that you are lying about gay rights on a gay blog to get gays to support a regime that arrest, tortoures and kills us.

    Sorry, but until Palestine gets rid of the laws on the books that make homosexuality a crime with multiple years in jail as a sentance, AND until gay prisoners stop getting tortoured and killed with tacit official approval, they can go fuck themselves. Don’t try to get my sympathy for a regime that seeks to kill me and where women don’t have equal rights.

    Do you also want us to feel sorry for Saudi Arabia, and Uganda? Should I support the Pope over a gay friendly religious leader? Sheesh, enough already.

  • Ilya

    I’ve been to Tel Aviv. It’s an amazing city with lots gay bars/nightclubs. The guys are hot as well and even straight guys are very metrosexual. Very open are affectionate towards each other whether their gay or straight..they kiss each other and hug when greet.

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