Parisian Gays Demonstrate the Art of French Kissing

So, this happened over the weekend in Paris: a kiss-in at Forum des Halles, a mall-metro-park in Paris. And as with all kiss-ins, this one had a purpose: to combat homophobia. Yes, there was a similar one in June. And yes, these are very flash mob-y. This one lasted five minutes, and featured lots of saliva.

(Thanks, Jake!)

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  • Happy Indeed

    Things like this were unimaginable when I was a teenager/young adult. It is wonderful to see.

  • tavdy79

    There have been similar hand-holding events in San Francisco and London already this year. I think this kind of event is going to become increasingly common – and effective.

  • elisabeth

    I think its disgusting. I don’t want to see people sucking face while I’m trying to shop. Gay or straight, I don’t care. They’re trying to make a point in the most ineffective and immature way possible. I say gross and grow up

  • So Yo

    Sweet fancy Moses I love Paris

  • Aaron

    Thanks Xavier ;)

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