parking lot rage

After parking illegally, Karen unleashes on “punks” who “go on Grindr and do hookups”

Another day, another Karen caught acting Karen-ish on video.

This time it’s a 60-something woman outside what appears to be a shopping mall shouting about “punks” and “young people” hooking up on Grindr after she was called out for parking her non-electric car in a spot reserved for electric vehicles.

While the events leading up to the altercation are unclear, the video, posted to Twitter earlier this week, shows the woman parking her Hyundai Elantra in a space with a charging station and a sign that clearly states the spot is for electric vehicles only.

“Oh, please,” she says at the top of the video. “Take this!” Then she starts violently spanking her own butt.

After that, she storms back to her car to get her cellphone so she can make her own video, grumbling something about “punks who think they own the world” and “do what they want.”

Eventually, two security guards approach and Karen complains to them about how she doesn’t need this kind of stress in her life, then she says, “I have to do my video!”

And that’s when she really unleashes.

As she charges towards the man filming her with her phone pointed at him, she snarls, “You’re disgusting and I’m so sick of these young people who think they’re all that!”

“Here you go, sweetheart, let’s test you,” she continues. “My goodness, nothing better to do with your time, because this is what your generation does.”

Then comes the kicker.

“You go on Grindr and do hookups! You show every part of your body, and you have no self-respect. Oh my goodness, none whatsoever!”

When the security guards once again try to intervene, Karen says, “He comes and tells me what I can do. He’s not my boss!”

After the security guards note that she did, in fact, park her non-electric car in a spot with a charging station, Karen agrees to move her vehicle, but not before threatening the man, “Yours goes up, mine goes up, and it will have a lot to say!”

A lot to say, indeed.


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