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  • Showertile

    Best music video I’ve seen in a long time. Is that one take?

  • k. wilson

    Transgender Author Toni Newman just outted LL Cool J in her new memoir I Rise-The Transformation of Toni Newman

    She has been polygraped by ex US secret service agent who worked for President JF Kennedy.

    article breaking on gay news feed
    Hollywood Is Coming Out

    fascinating story

    Publicist is kayo Anderson
    at [email protected]

  • Blaisen

    Mimi lost some weight…………………..teeth are still jacked! Best part of the video, the cute guy in the vest and tie with dark hair holding the speaker up at the 3:08 mark.

  • Brandon H

    Bitch can go away already. She’s annoying and manipulative.

  • Yorban

    Those dudes are wacky.

  • Pip

    how do they pull of that cleavage?

  • Cam

    I actually liked that. The blond lead singer looks like Natalie Mains from the Dixie Chicks.

  • Jukadiie

    lol that was fun :-)

  • mulletkitty

    One continuous camera shot — impressive! How’d they pull that one off? Did drag queens tackle commuters at the doors to prevent them from boarding?!! I approve.

  • Elegance is learned (my friends)

    Okay, I kind of love it and I hate myself for it because Mimi is THE WORST betch on Drag Race this season. That said, I’ll be downloading it. And Ms. Lawrence from RHWOA.

  • McMike

    I was friends with Mimi when I lived in NYC and she’s getting a totally bum rap. As for Mimi being the “worst betch” on Rupaul’s show, well please show me any other queen on there that has done anything like this lately.

    Think again. It’s NYC and no where and no one comes close to matching what they do.

  • EdWoody

    That was fucking awesome. Bitches do something better and then complain.

  • Sean

    I’m sorry- I’ve seen Mimi Imfurst perform recently when she came to town and she was better than any drag queen I’ve ever seen before. I was surprised at how different she was from how she was portrayed on the show. I have no doubt Mimi will surpass RuPaul as the next REAL drag superstar.

  • AdamA

    You could tell watching Season 3 that Mimi wasn’t delivering on her (considerable) potential–glad she’s getting it going!

  • Priscilla Queen of the Jungle

    SO FIERCE! Hot song with an infectious chorus, plus a really fun little dance that was performed almost perfectly in sync the whole way through! (And on a moving train no less, presumably…damn!)

  • Priscilla Queen of the Jungle

    Are the other two members of Xelle biological females? Just wondering. They are filling in their tops quite amply :). Loving this group!

  • swarm

    Yes, Mimi’s the only man. And yes, she’s totally getting bum rap. While she had a manic time of it and a meltdown, the other bitches (Shamgela)attacked her for no reason (oh, she’s ~annoying? Really?). While “sincerity” isn’t a characteristic you’d attribute to the queens, all someone had to do was have a talk with her, but of course, they all wanted her to circle the drain and go home.

    She’s very accomplished IRL and now we find out from certain exit interviews that the entire show is a scam, editing episode 2 comments into episode 5, for example. BOO to Ru for preaching “draw the line at hurting other people” but not walking the walk just for ratings’ sake.

    Mimi also said she sewed a complete dress that fell apart before we saw her crying about the Mary on the Half Shell dress. But not a word was mentioned on camera. For a 27 year old kid who raised himself, fucking Mimi Imfurst has shot his arrow real high…IMO.

    That being said, #teamraja lol

  • Priscilla Queen of the Jungle

    @Showertile: It sure seemed like one take to me! Absolutely fierce…I came back to watch it again today!

  • Priscilla Queen of the Jungle

    This deserves to be played on Top 40 radio everywhere. Too bad it never will…drag queens are seen as too “niche,” I suppose. UGH!

    “I’m a party girl! In a party world!” >>>>> “I’m a Barbie girl. In a Barbie world.”

    Yet, that Barbie song got played relentlessly on Top 40 stations back in the late 90s! Again: UGH!

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