We all thought it was dead, but an Arizona ban on gay marriage found new life yesterday. The bill had been languishing in the House since April, but squeezed by yesterday after two Democratic representatives – Jack Brown and Pete Rios – lent their weight to a largely Republican bloc. The measure now moves to the Senate, which means many homo eyes will be one Republican presidential hopeful John McCain, who previously used his Senatorial powers to vote for a gay marriage ban. [Arizona Daily Star]

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  • PalePhoenix

    It still has to go to the state Senate before it appears on any ballots in November.

  • Tom

    Hopefully, those two Democratic traitors who supported the measure will lose to more progressive, free-thinking Democrats in the next election.

    The whole gay marriage movement has been a political disaster. There, I said it.

  • Rob Moore

    Um, John McCain will not do anything to alienate the fundies. They are suspicious of him as it is. If he doesn’t renounce the support of Hagee, he ain’t gonna offer an opinion opposed to such an amendment to the state constitution. He will probably hide behind a state’s rights shield.

  • Bill Perdue

    Democrats always seem to come through… but not for us. They’re the major political force behind bigoted laws and actions like DOMA, DADT, shredding ENDA and trashing the Hate Crimes bill. Sometimes they take the lead and sometimes it’s the Republicans. But it hardly makes a difference; we’re the ones getting stabbed in the back.

    Same sex marriage is a fundamental right and GLBT folks who cave in on the question are the GLBT equivalents of Uncle Toms. There, I said it.

    Rob Moore – “He will probably hide behind a state’s rights shield.” Are you implying that he’s a fraud like Obama and Hillary Clinton, because that’s their position on same sex marriage?

  • Tom

    Don’t know if I agree with you on marriage being a fundamental right, but I certainly believe that gays have a fundamental right to the civil benefits which are attendant to marriage. I think we stood a better chance of receiving those benefits through civil unions.

    Twenty-six states now have constitutional bans on gay marriage with more states seeking to follow, including an initiative in California and this one in AZ. Many of these states are now also looking to rollback the gains provided by civil unions.

    It was a complete miscalculation and put form over substance to push for gay marriage when the prize should be on the benefits received. Bill, considering your Marxist-type analysis of every issue, I am surprised you do not see this.

  • um

    clearly mccain will support the ban in arizona. i was merely pointing out how poorly written the post was.

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