Pastor Accused Of Trying To Rape A Man In A Car At A Lake

20141218st_jail_mug_williams__gaylard_thumbA pastor from Indiana accused of making sexual advances towards a man near a lake has been charged with battery, WLKY reports.

59-year-old Gaylard (his real name!) Williams is the pastor at the Praise Cathedral Church of God in Seymour, IN. On Tuesday, he appeared before a local court about an incident that happened between him and a 27-year-old man late last week.

According to court documents, the victim says he was parked at Cypress Lake last Friday when Williams strutted up his vehicle. The man rolled down his window to see what he wanted. That’s when he claims the pastor reached into the car, grabbed his crotch, squeezed his genitals, and asked for a blow job.

Talk about a really bad approach.

The victim told Williams he was “barking up the wrong tree.” Then he pretended to reach for a gun, causing Williams to flee the scene, but not before the man was able to jot down his license plate number and call police.

Caleb Funke, who works as a youth director at another local church, told WKLY that he is “startled” by the accusations against his fellow religious leader and neighbor.

“I think it’s a surprise to all of us, as friendly as he was in the neighborhood,” he said.

“I guess when you hear of a pastor getting caught of that, you get a little more shocked than I guess somebody else,” Funke continued. Then he added: “But we’re all sinners, so.”

Police say that when they caught up with Williams, they discovered gay pornography in his car. Williams claimed he was taking the porn to someone else.

Williams has been released from custody on a $335 bond.

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