Pastor Bob Perdue Won’t Give In to His Gayness, For the Same Reason He Won’t Abuse Alcohol Or Donuts

Pastor Bob Perdue, of Virginia’s Old Dominion Baptist Church, is a proud affiliate of Exodus International’s Exodus Church Association, a network of churches bound together in warding off homosexuality. Perdue is married, has five children, and acknowledges he struggles with wanting to sex up other dudes every day. But allow him to explain why he’s so supportive of the ex-gay movement, and why you should be too.

Exodus’ own Jeff Buchanan reached out to Perdue after seeing him on last month’s PBS special Churches & Gay Youth, where he told viewers homosexuality “violates the way God has set it up, and so while I understand that you have that attraction and that it developed maybe by no fault of your own, you’re not free to act upon that.”

And how did he arrive here?

I grew up in church and I grew up struggling with same sex attraction. While the problem was not spoken about specifically, the concept of homosexuality was condemned as an “abomination” and those who considered themselves homosexuals were on the list of those who were going to hell. I never spoke of my struggle out loud until I was 35. The attitude of the church was a key factor in driving my struggle deep within which resulted in living a double life, guilt, shame, depression and finally a suicide attempt.

Today I Pastor a large growing church in the suburbs of Washington DC. My passion is that our church be a place where it is safe to discuss any struggle and where someone will walk along side of you to work through that struggle in accordance with the truth of God’s Word. The act of homosexuality (it is a behavior NOT an identity) is still an abomination to God (Leviticus 18:22). As is pride, deceit, gossip and divisiveness (Proverbs 6:16-19). We are all born with a bent toward sinning (Psalm 51:5) and develop tendencies toward sinful behaviors as we grow and develop. Whether pride, deceit or same sex attraction, the grace and forgiveness that flows from the cross forgives it all and provides us with a new identity that does not come from our sin. We are the children of God. Living out of this new desire requires me to deny myself (my sinful desires which don’t disappear when God’s grace enters) and follow Christ into a whole new way of life (Luke 9:23).

This is the message of the church. You have a desire or tendency to be deceitful, to boast about yourself, to engage in sex outside of marriage, to have a sexual relationship with the same sex? The grace of God forgives us for these desires and the grace of God teaches us to deny these desires in order to live out of our true identity as children of God (Titus 2:11-12).

Unfortunately the church is, for the most part, polarized on this issue. Either we lean in the direction of tolerance and deny the truth of Scripture to embrace homosexual behavior as part of God’s plan or we put homosexual behavior in a class of sin that is worse than all others and identify those who participate in that sin as gay or homosexuals living outside of the will of God.

I am a 52 year old man, married with 5 children, who struggles with a same sex attraction and Pastors a growing church. My struggle is no worse than the struggle of others who desire alcohol, pornography, a dozen donuts or another woman. It in no way defines me or my maturity in Christ. I choose not to give in to that desire and enjoy a life lived out of my true identity.

There’s Alcoholics Anonymous. Weight Watchers. And soon, 12-Steps to Stay Away From The Gay. We want in on that franchise business, yo.

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  • Robert, NYC

    Well, no fucked up cult speaks for atheists, the arrogance of these cultists is breath-taking. I wonder what he thinks about when he’s banging the wife?

  • mdthom

    Notice he only had one quote from the christian part of the bible.

  • Taylor Siluwé

    Religion is like a virus – spreading from person to person, decimating the part of the brain responsible for rational and individualistic thought – leaving its victim a happy but mindless drone.

  • Richard

    I’d fuck him.

  • Cam

    So he basis his thought, that homosexuality is a behavior not an identity on the teachings of the church…..because, you know, they were so right about the sun revolving around the earth, the planet being 6,000 years old, etc…

  • Lanjier


  • Bill

    This man is a fool.

    He chooses to waste his life so that he may worship a God that does not exists so that he can die and go to a place that also does not exist…

    Good times.

  • Jaroslaw

    I don’t know if his statement is complete, but I would like to hear him speak on alternate interpretations of the Bible.

    Well, actually I don’t care, but since Queerty is giving him space, that would be the only way to determine if he has some semblance of integrity. In other words, the Church no longer believes the earth revolves around the sun, so apparently it is open to at least some scientific inquiry…..

  • James

    “The attitude of the church was a key factor in driving my struggle deep within which resulted in living a double life, guilt, shame, depression and finally a suicide attempt.”

    Here, in a nutshell, is why the mindset of the “faithful” baffles me. What if he had succeeded in his suicide attempt? Would this have been desirous to the church, rather than that he should live an honest, open life?

    Once I was confronted with the decision between my faith and my own mental and emotional well-being, the choice was simple. Perhaps I just needed to pray harder?

  • romeo

    That’s the double-edged sword of “faith,” James. It might offer you solace, but it could as easily leave you desolate and bereft of hope. This guy is obviously not telling the whole truth about himself.

    Why do we have yet another of these same-old same-old stories? Unless there’s some interesting twist, I don’t see the point. Barrowman’s visit to an ex-gay leader in his BBC special the other day says it all about these guys. They have nothing to offer us, and they know it. And the guy in that special admitted it in spite of himself.

  • Marc

    a dozen doughnuts, porn, some cock and a martini … my favorite!!!a

  • David in Houston

    The second they mention anything from Leviticus, they lose ALL credibility (not that they had any to begin with). I’d advise Pastor Perdue to begin living out every single passage from Leviticus, not just the “gay” one. So, the next time one of his kids backtalks him or his wife, he should follow the Bible and put the child to death. (Leviticus 20:9) Sorry self-loathing closeted dude, but the Bible isn’t a smorgasbord. Either you follow all of it, or none of it. Them’s God’s rules.

  • Robert, NYC

    David in Houston, No. 12, I totally concur. Whenever I encounter right wing dirt bags like him, I advise them to check out the following link….www.fallwell.com. NOne of them live by the scripture but only when it comes to Leviticus of course, the jewish part of the bible, all written by men.

  • PaulMc

    “The act of homosexuality (it is a behavior NOT an identity)” – another statement that gives the game away. Completely naive – being gay is an erotic attraction you can’t control (your dick tells you all you need to know….) and a romantic attraction wherein we desire the love of and to love, another person of the same sex. Whether there is any kind of identity depends on a whole lot of other factors. To be fully congruent with an authentic gay self (about which he knows nothing) is to be fully human.

    Sorry… but he is sinning by this act of self-repression and avoidance of fulfillment of his individual god given plan.

    Let me guess here the level of his self-deceit and conceit in spreading his lies – I’m guessing he had 5 children BEFORE he was 35 when he first spoke about his attractions. Didn’t work, did it Bob?

    Quoting Proverbs right after Leviticus 18:22? – let’s skip right over the rest of Leviticus and the other abominations in your life (mixed fibres blah blah blah).

  • The Milkman

    What a sad, desperate, pathetic man. You can see the emptiness in his eyes.

    This is what I’d have turned into had I not left Oklahoma when I did.

  • Cassandra

    “Religion is like a virus – spreading from person to person”

    When homophobes make the same claim about homosexuality, GLBTQ people are furious.

    Atheism is only a prejudice, nothing more, nothing less, just like homophobia.

  • Enron

    Queerty, your commenting system is just as misguided as Pastor Bob Perdue. Why moderate my previous comment, which obviously has not been posted yet because its obvious length and a few mentions of the bible and p word and attraction to the opposite sex? Your filtering system needs an actual human at the computer to quickly moderate comments.

  • Taylor Siluwé


    Without parents to warp your mind with their silly beliefs, you wouldn’t be the fool you are today. Consider yourself lucky they weren’t radical Islamic extremists, or you’d be somewhere blowing yourself up.

    Religion IS a like virus, spread by pathogens like you.

  • B

    No. 12 · David in Houston wrote, “The second they mention anything from Leviticus, they lose ALL credibility (not that they had any to begin with). I’d advise Pastor Perdue to begin living out every single passage from Leviticus, not just the ‘gay’ one.”

    Let’s start “living out” the last passage from Leviticus, Leviticus 27:34 “These are the commands the LORD gave Moses on Mount Sinai for the Israelites.”

    What it clearly implies is that the whole book of Levicitus applies only to “the Israelites”, and it is completely silent about anyone else. Historically, Leviticus was written after the Babylonian exile when Cyrus, the king of Persia, allowed exiled Judeans to return home and rebuild their temple. As with others given the same favorable treatment, Cyrus insisted on a published report describing traditional laws, which is apparently what Leviticus is. Citation: http://www.religion-online.org/showarticle.asp?title=2 for the history.

    One function of the bizarre set of rules in Leviticus was to separate Jews from their neighbors, perhaps to undo some of the assimilation that occurred among who manged to stay behind during the exile, and (of course) to allow the priests to assert their authority.

  • friendthegirl

    “And soon, 12-Steps to Stay Away From The Gay. We want in on that franchise business, yo.”

    Hey, here’s your business opportunity: http://www.ha-fs.org/14-steps.htm

    Get in on the ground floor!

  • tazz602

    “And soon, 12-Steps to Stay Away From The Gay. We want in on that franchise business, yo.”

    There already is/was “Homosexuals Anonymous” I found one boyfriend there the first time. The second time I tried it I ended up ditching it because it was just creepy. It wasn’t long before I would see the leaders of the group cruising the same bathrooms and bookstores I was.

  • romeo

    Pastor Bob has been up all day and only has 600 hits, whereas “college mastubator” has only been up like, what, an hour? And already has 26,000. LMAO! nuff said.

  • Greg

    PROVERBS 6 On abominations (my remarks)

    16 There are six things which Jehovah hateth; Yea, seven which are an abomination unto him: (well, which is it 6 or 7?)
    17 Haughty eyes, (Bill Clinton); a lying tongue, And hands that shed innocent blood; (George W. Bush)
    18 A heart that deviseth wicked purposes, (“christians” hating any group/individuals who don’t meet their standards) Feet that are swift in running to mischief, (or tapping under public toilets stall walls)
    19 A false witness that uttereth lies, (both above and here: Larry “widestance” Craig: I am not gay and I wasn’t on a sex hunt) (unReverend Haggart: despite my 3 year sexual/drug indulgent relationship with a gay prostitute, I am 100% heterosexual : as attested to by those brother ministers who prayed over him for 3 weeks in “gay re-hab/retreat.”
    And he that soweth discord among brethren. Again: (“christians” hating any group/ individuals who don’t meet their standards)

  • Pete

    I wonder if Pastor Bob Perdue practices pastorbation when he has these urges.

  • Greg

    Yo Bob if you don’t to be an “abomination” you’re going to be one hungry fella:

    42 Whatsoever goeth upon the belly, and whatsoever goeth upon all fours, or whatsoever hath many feet, even all creeping things that creep upon the earth, them ye shall not eat; for they are an abomination.

  • Enron

    I honestly don’t know what God’s view is on homosexuality, I don’t know Jesus views either on the matter. I never really heard either outright say anything specifically on it! The fact that God sent out 10 commandments and not one of them say “anything” about homosexuality (we are talking about direct words from him, not “inspired” words like in the bible long after Jesus had died and gone to heaven). We don’t even know what Jesus ultimate plan was, because fellow humans took his life before he could complete his mission on earth. We don’t even know if it was gonna say, “to love a man, with all your heart as a woman is rightly in the Lords eye, do not hate”. We just don’t know what might have been (why?, because Christians killed him because of his beliefs). So it would be great if could stop putting words in the Lords mouth sometimes.

    So, its really contradictory right now, we just have to wait and see. What I am trying do right now as a person, a human being who identifies as homosexual, who gets aroused and attracted by the same sex and just cannot do anything about it, and would “not” do anything about it, is to be non-judgmental, even at my fellow heterosexual brethren. I think the Bible has some flaws, but at the same time, it has some very good qualities too. My aim is to aspire to see the good in everyone. Sometimes a heterosexual friend will make a nasty remark about a gay person, but you still look beyond that and admire the person because yo know them for more than that. You tolerate it and you understand the value of who you are as a person too.

    I do believe God exist, I don’t believe we just came out of no where and we just live to eventually die and we must do our part to keep the party going by procreating. Gods ultimate test I believe is, can you the homosexual, the heterosexual understand each other, be tolerant, co-exist, just accept the fact that, yeah, that same feeling you get for someone, that gay person also has it. Seriously, why would someone just getup and decide, hey, I want to be one of the most persecuted orientations in the world?

    The problem is the belief in homosexuality as a choice. The belief that if you try heterosexuality you will not go back. I cannot get hard in a stadium full of the worlds most sexy, beautiful women (I have been exposed to the opposite sex all my life and there has never been a twinkle down there). Personally, I can’t even understand why women are sexy, but I do agree that women are beautiful, just like flowers, animals, green grass, cultures, music, films, spring time are all beautiful. So yes, I can identify someone as a beautiful and that’s beautiful. Just like I can say a variety of plants, flowers and animals are beautiful, or a baby girl is beautiful (am I gonna get a twinkle down there for them, no way, its just not there and I suspect its the same for you heterosexuals).

    How can it be a dysfunctional? I know I had the best life growing up, both my parents surrounded me with love and appreciation even though they are against homosexuality. I grew up in a community that is also intolerant to my orientation, but it wasn’t outright persecuted or discussed everyday. I can safely say I have had a normal childhood filled with friends, sports minus the boyfriend part.

    Why can’t heterosexuals also realize it in their own orientation. Can someone force you to be attracted to a very overweight person, slim person or someone deemed not attractive based on a certain standard? No, of course not, its based on something you cannot explain, its based on certain features and qualities, like how much you know about that person. I am attracted to men, because I like a lot of the physical characteristics of men that I have grown to admire and desire over the years, their facial features, their body type, their voices, abs, pecs, muscles, a lovely firm buttocks, thick beautiful penis.

    Some Christians might say, but you are looking at flesh, you are lusting. So what?!? Its not different when a heterosexual man desires a woman according to their bust size, lips, derriere, the look of their vagina and tightness of it. I have slept in a room with 16 heterosexual men discussing what they like about women, and never heard any of them say they like the personal qualities of the girls they are attracted to. But sure enough, the tangible features like facial, body type are discussed and admired the most. Its the same for me as a Gay man, just that those things you admire in a woman, I admire in a man and I so find them attractive and desirable. Some gay men like their own tall, slim, short, muscular, Asian, black, white, fat, chunky. Some heterosexual men like their woman fat, chunky, coca-cola bottle shape, average, skinny whatever.

    Because that’s the first thing that you often see and it turns you on in some cases. For some, it might require getting the know the person over time and you eventually fall in love with that person. I can’t answer how we came to be attracted to these things, but its what we like. But why because it says at the beginning of the Bible, God created Adam and Eve means it must be that way for every single man and woman on earth. There are over 6 billion of us humans on this planet with homosexuals being the minority (I’m sure). Its not like every heterosexual person is gonna die tomorrow.

    So why persecute us, hating us, discriminating against us for liking what we like? Trust me heterosexuals, you are more than safe if you think us little old ‘mo’s are gonna end up dominating considering humanity dates back hundreds of millions of years ago.

  • jeffree

    does this guy run support groups 4 people who used to be black or latino or asian or native Americans but turned white???? it makes the same sense, or same nonsense because being gay isnt a choice. does he read anything but the bible??? levicticus talks about pork &slaves too. does he believe in not eating pigs or possessing a slave? i feel sorry if he teaches his own kids to hate gays when theire own dad is gay but hates gays. liking other guys isnt like killing people or being a rapist. i don’t think anyone can believe that he got some cure for being queer and if he did get cured then why is he still in a struggle?? theres no cure for being gay or bi or latino or asian or black because there’s no choice involved. it’s not like the choice between a medium drink or a big one at burger King!!
    i think he is dishonest.

  • marc

    i hope that suit isn’t a wool/linen combo pastor bob.

    Ye shall keep my statutes. Thou shalt not let thy cattle gender with a diverse kind: thou shalt not sow thy field with mingled seed: neither shall a garment mingled of linen and woollen come upon thee. Leviticus 19:19 (King James Version)

  • Ryan

    I guess by his own metaphor, it’s okay to just have one or two cocks a week, just as it’s okay to have one or two drinks or doughnuts.

  • terrwill

    One of my friends when he was 16 was sent to a camp to supposldy make him straight. I asked him what it was like. He replied. “Bunch of Gay teen boys, alone in the woods, in a cabin. Every night it was lights out….cocks out.”………

  • Taylor Siluwé

    Terrwill …

    You’ve hit a bulls-eye on the root motivation for starting these ‘re-orientation’ camps — less about fixing, more about exploiting.

  • B

    No. 28 · terrwill : “One of my friends when he was 16 was sent to a camp to supposldy make him straight. I asked him what it was like. He replied. ‘Bunch of Gay teen boys, alone in the woods, in a cabin. Every night it was lights out….cocks out.’………”

    It sounds like the prison, I mean, camp staff should have bought night-vision goggles – starlight or infrared. I can imagine one of the kids telling his parents, “I’m a lot more straight now, but I think I need another session at camp.”

    The whole camp thing got turned into a silly movie. Here’s the trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X_yjuTaRGx4 .

  • adman

    I actually know personally a guy who likes gay sex but is absolutely straight, like Haggard. He was molested, and enjoyed it. The shame, degrading cravings all that stuff about “homosex” came later in his life, and so to him is therefore very real. He will “come out” to get laid, and use any gay man he can find, but he isn’t gay, or even bi. He admitted to me that he doesn’t even find men attractive in particular, and when I asked him why don’t you like men? He said they aren’t women. A bottom, a nasty pushy, psychotic, straight bottom who wishes he had tits.

    My point is that, who are these ex-gays? people we don’t want in our community, that’s who. Let ’em rot. Seriously, fuck ’em. You need to develop on your own some semblance of a healthy gay identity, or, at this point in the socio-political game, you literally don’t belong. Go away, straight bait.

  • Robert, NYC

    Adman, #31….you know for sure he was molested? Even if he were, it doesn’t necessarily translate into engaging in gay sex later in life. I was molested twice by a teenage girl when I was 9, she was 15 but it didn’t turn me straight. I knew at 7 I liked boys but never acted on it until I was 13. I suspect your friend isn’t that straight. To persistently seek out men for sex isn’t straight behavior, neither is the sex he engages in of course, something that he might not even acknowledge as such. The fact that he bottoms is rather common among bisexual men, single or married, who have sex with men. I’ve even met some bi men who think that kissing is reserved for women only, go figure. I think the majority of bisexuals are screwed up and I have empathy for them to some extent. It must be extremely difficult for many of the married ones having to live a lie and deceiving their partners or spouses by saying nothing about who they really are. For those in that situation, their unknowing partners really don’t know who they’re involved with, a sad commentary. Ideally, they should be with a bi partner to make life easier. I wouldn’t change places with them if I were paid to. If I had to do it all over, as I look around and see what’s going on in straight society, I still would not want to be straight even with all the discrimination and dehumanization. I’m happy and proud of who I am.

  • Taylor Siluwé


    I’m no shrink, but I highly doubt your friend is straight. As a matter of fact, I’m surprised he can make that claim with a ‘straight’ face.

    And I agree with Robert, a lot of bisexuals are probably screwed up. So are a lot of gay people for that matter. Hell, everybody’s screwed up to some degree.

    So if your friend wants to be a straight-guy hungry-hole dick-whore, who are we to second guess him?

  • Robert, NYC

    Taylor Siluwé, No. 33…. yes, of course there are some gay people who are just as screwed up, totally agree with that. Many of those are found in the grand old party of NO, those who continuously vote for a party that doesn’t want them to have full equality, and a party that until recently has not sponsored, authored or coauthored any equality legislation with the exception of a minimal amount of them signing on to ENDA, plus none are given a place on the podium at their conventions either and they never ask “why”? Beyond screwed up if you ask me!

  • Jaroslaw

    Adman’s commentary is all over the map. I don’t know how we got from one screwed up man to ex gays. Just my two cents – what I got out of Adman’s first paragraph is the guy enjoys what he considers to be degradation.

    Gosh I read it again and I have no idea what Adman is trying to say since he says the shame/degradation came later.

    And yeah, I guess we all have problems to some degree.

  • adman

    @jaroslaw Actually your reply, although it was made in disagreement, is the closest to lucid. I DO find it hard to describe this guy. I mean, don’t you attract to man’s form, his body lines, his smile, his hands? Well, me too, and this guy, nothing. I mean literally he wants a dick in his ass and that’s all. He was molested and put on film, and he likes the whole scenario and process of being humiliated, but if you questioned him, he’d have zero answers to someone with a GLBT point of reference, absolutely no insight. I can tell you, he’s not gay. He doesn’t know our struggles, he doesn’t experience them. It’s really uncanny, and knowing him really threw me for a loop! I don’t think my gaydar will ever be the same! ;-)

    What I mean by the shame/degradation thing is that he was molested and enjoyed it, that means a little boy was molested and learned that being a sex object was in his case enjoyable. Next he grew up, and continued to pursue sex like he enjoyed, and that’s where us gays come in, without a clue, boinking these monumentally retarded marginal types who cling to our community and cause nothing but problems. Get rid of ’em, It works.

  • J

    Some of you guys should be ashamed of yourselves.
    You curse and condemn others who do not agree with the homosexual lifestyle but you expect everyone to be more tolerant and less judgmental towards the gay community.
    Reading a few of these hateful, ignorant, and degrading comments made me sick.

    Don’t be an idiot and hate on the ones who decide to live their life according to his or her own plans!

    I respect Perdue more than any gay person I know. He has to deal with the gays and the straights hating on him because of what he is standing up for.

  • justiceontherocks

    @J:The “homosexual lifestyle.” Definition please. Use in a sentence please. Get over your bigotry please.

  • Nathan

    I don’t have any problem with the way this man chooses to live his life. It’s a shame the church has made him hate himself and his own feelings. At least he practices what he preaches. While I may not condemn his lifestyle, I do condemn that he inflicts the same shame and self loathing onto the gay youth of today that he was a victim of. This cycle will continue as long as society refuses to see forcing religion upon children as the brainwashing and abuse that it is.

  • William

    @Nathan: @Nathan: Religion is not the problem. Having man interpret what the scriptures say based on his bias is the problem. I grew up in a traditional mainline Christian Church and was taught from a early age that homosexuality was wrong. It has taken a lifetime for me to understand that the scriptures do not condemn homosexuality as we understand it today. Thankfully we now have a better understanding of the scriptures and what they actually say and we have ministers who are teaching the true message of Christianity which is love and acceptance of all people.
    God is not a respecter of people. All are equal in His eyes. Man needs to be more like God and Christ. Any church or any person that calls himself or herself a Christian and who does not accept all of God’s children is not a Christian. The majority of churches today don’t know the first thing about being Christian being Christ like.

  • robert in NYC

    No. 39, J…..”homosexual lifestyle”? Ours is not a lifestyle, we do NOT choose it unlike religious people who choose theirs. Nobody comes into this world religious, its all learned, addictive behavior and a chosen lifestyle. None of us got to choose our orientation, it chose us. Its as natural as eye color. Ask a straight person when he or she chose to be straight and you’ll get the answer as to why we’re gay. Do you think people would choose to be gay knowing the amount of discrimination and stigmatization out there that they have to live with every day of their lives no thanks to self-loathers such as Perdue and the venom the ex-gay movement spews on a daily basis. Praying away the gay has been discredited by the legitimate medical and scientific community. The ex-gay movement is nothing more than a fraudulent business, preying on vulnerable people, extracting money from them with no guarantee of a “cure” which doesn’t exist. Its nothing more than a scam.

  • Wow

    I can’t believe the intolerant comments. Some people are raised religious as you know. Some people are molested as you know. I am glad he found a way to deal with it and is still happily married. I am not convinced people are born gay but might be born with certain traits that cause them to be socialized that way. But if it’s about pleasure and theirs no god or judgment then why not pleasure it up. I think my religion was something I was born with because it was put in my brain before I knew better.

  • Wow indeed

    “no thanks to self-loathers such as Perdue ”

    ..sez someone who knows nothing about the person in question but isn’t hesitant to render judgment on him!

    The irony of the majority of the comments on this post is pretty damning. It seems straight people aren’t the only ones who can be horribly biased, hateful and cruel. Such ugliness is apparently a universal part of being human instead of being caused by belonging to a social, religious, racial or sexual grouping :p

  • J

    So nice to read all these kind, comforting, all-inclusive comments. It’s great that y’all are so tolerant and respectful of a man you’ve never met that disagrees with you. Christians should be more like you, then the world would be a MUCH better place.

  • Ryan

    I guess you’re not up on the way Christians “disagree” with homosexuality, are you, J? You know, what with getting little children to sing songs about us burning in hell (and cheering about it), and openly advocating for our imprisonment and/or deaths. I don’t see anyone here advocating for the deaths of any Christians, do you? Of course, I guess you would call that simply “disagreeing” with homosexuality. It’s not. It’s hate. And it’s that hate that has led this poor man to live his life in denial, and to compare homosexuality to drug or alcohol abuse.

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