Pastor Cary Gordon: Secularism Will Lead To Gay Marriage, Grandparent-kid Marriage

Pastor Cary Gordon of Cornerstone World Outreach is quickly replacing “blame the gays for Hurricane Katrina” Pastor John Hagee as my favorite go-to anti-gay man of cloth. But he doesn’t like that reputation! Railing against secularism at an Iowa rally last week hosted by Bob Vander Plaats’s Family Leader, Gordon pointed to the lack of god’s will in public policy as the reason for America’s crumbling. “The natural problem that causes is an overt immorality,” Gordon claimed. “The crime rates go up, people suffer, people are stealing and murdering and [doing] all the things morality tells you not to do.” But for the record, Gordon tells The Iowa Independent, he did not mean that gay marriage is causing this crime wave. But secularism will cause gay marriage! It’ll also lead to polygamist marriage, grandparents marrying their grandchildren, and “whole villages getting married. … There’s always been this fight of can you have a free country without God? There has been a tendency leaning backwards towards secularism. And so what my point was that gay marriage or any other issues that are detached from the moral foundations of the teachings of Christianity are the result of a vaccum created by secularism.”

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  • EdWoody

    “Can you have a free country without God?”

    You can ONLY have a free country without God.

  • Chupa Chups



  • kityglitr

    What is up with these people who think that without religion human beings would be raping and killing one another willy nilly in the streets? Don’t people commit crime and murder and are immoral ALREADY? I don’t need to believe in a made up sky daddy to know I should treat others like I’d like to be treated.

  • Cam

    Isn’t it facinating that all of these supposedly moral crusaders area alwyas the ones that come up with the sickest perversions out of thin air?


  • TheRealAdam

    @Cam: They spend more time thinking about it than any gay person, I’m sure.

    Anyway, he’s a nutter, like the rest of ’em.

  • Jeffree

    Hmmm: Canada, New Zealand, the Netherlands all have much lower rates of religiosity (measured by attendance at places of worship) and also have lower crime rates: murder, rape & other violent crime.

    I’m not saying it’s necessarily a causal relâtionship, but it sort of calls the Pastor’s logic into question.

  • dave

    I assume he has no education beyond the 8th grade. What logic and even calling it logic is a far reach.

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