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Pastor David Strong’s Accused Murderer Antonio Henry ‘Is Not Gay,’ Insists Mom

Antonio Henry, a reportedly mentally unstable man, is accused with his 16-year-old cousin of killing
Chattanooga pastor David Strong in a grisly crime that left the victim beaten and cut up — all because, Henry claims, Strong tried forcing him to perform a gay sex act. Henry’s mother Anita Burgis attended her son’s hearing this week, where he was denied bond, and repeated Henry’ sister claim that Henry is “not gay.”

Lead Detective Michael Wenger testified that Henry admitted to taking Strong’s debit card and asking for his pin number. But Henry’s mother says she doesn’t believe her son told police he went to Strong’s house to get money for sex acts.

“Antonio Henry is not gay.” she says. “I noticed when [the detective] said that, my son shook his head, ‘no.'” But, when it comes down to it, Burgis and the detective agree the reason the men were at his home isn’t important.

“A man lost his life,” Wenger says. “It doesn’t matter what his sexual preference is and they have not made any allegation of rape or anything like that.”

Pastor David Strong Stabbed 18 Times After ‘Forcing’ Murderer Antonio Henry to Perform $100 BJ