Pastor James David Manning Doesn’t Need ‘Evidence’ To Know Oprah Is a Big Lez

Pastor James David Manning, the crackpot head preacher at ATLAH World Missionary Church in Harlem, has realized the power of web video. He’s attacked President Obama (some sort of CIA conspiracy theory). He’s explained why the Bible entitles him to call people faggots. And now he’s out to prove Oprah is a lesbian — not by any actual evidence, mind you, but by gut feelings.

Asking you to come to a conclusion “not through your reasoning ability” but through your spirituality or whatever, Manning revisits his (at least) three-year-old statement calling Oprah a “closet lesbian and a racist because she was a member of the Trinity United Church of Christ with [Pastor] Jeremiah Wright.” No, he hasn’t seen Oprah lay down with women, but through God-given “analytical skills” that don’t “always have to have empirical evidence,” Manning just knows it. The same way he knows Sarah Palin is a “closet racist.”

(To be fair, his claim that Glenn Beck learned how to cry on camera for ratings from Oprah is brilliant.)

Alas, this is territory we’ve covered before. In September Manning explained how he can tell if you’re gay just by looking at you.