Pastor Joel Osteen Didn’t “Choose” To Be Straight, He Just “Feels” Like He Is

Pastor Joel Osteen — known for his big, open smile and his big, open bigotry — sat down with CNN sassbot Soledad O’Brien where, asked by former Clinton Advisor Richard Socarides if he chose to be straight, Osteen chimed that he was born this way, baby.

Osteen and Socarides were two of O’Brien’s guests on Starting Point with Soledad O’Brien this morning and the anchor blasted the pastor for calling homosexuality a sin and therefore some of his very own followers sinners. Osteen responded that he doesn’t “categorize” sin, noting that pride, “being critical” and “being negative” are all sins.

“Those are all things you can change,” O’Brien countered. Socarides, who was clearly having a ball, then laid into Osteen, questioning his responsibility to lend his voice to the battle for equality, fairness and inclusion. Osteen then turned to the scripture and how it’s the one saying homosexuality is a sin — or is it? — but so are a lot of things, like lying and “being prideful.”

This only perplexed O’Brien:”Then you shouldn’t lie. But for people who are gay, you’re saying then you shouldn’t be gay?”

Socarides, tired of circling the block, decided to bring this baby on home by asking Osteen, “You think you can choose to be gay or not gay? You think you choose to be straight?”

“I know I have not chosen to be straight” Osteen replied. “I just feel like that’s who I am.”

Two point were proven here: 1.) Osteen is aware that being gay is not a choice. How this plays into his whole sin argument is up to him and whatever monkey’s writing his speeches. 2.) “I just feel like that’s who I am?” You don’t sound super positive there, Pastor. But then again, can you blame him for falling for that crafty little Richard Socarides?

Check out the delightful video of the encounter below: