Pastor Prays For Caitlyn Jenner’s Heart To Be Ripped From Her Chest

QueertyImagePastor Steven Anderson, who famously predicted an “AIDS-free Christmas” if only all LGBT people in America were put to death, is at it again. This time he’s calling for Caitlyn Jenner‘s heart to be ripped from her chest a la Indiana Jones And The Temple of Doom.

While standing on his soapbox before members of the Faithful World Baptist Church in Tempe, Arizona, the father of eight unleashed on 65-year-old Jenner, whom he admits he had never even heard of until last week but who he now despises “with a perfect hated.”

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First, Anderson called Jenner “wicked” and a “trans freak” who is being “crammed down the throat” of “literally hundreds of millions of people” and who therefore deserves to “die.”

Lovely Christian sentiment.

Then he said: “This person is just the evangelist of sodomy and filth to the world. And then people are like, ‘Oh, we need to pray that he finds Jesus.’ I’m going to pray that he dies and goes to hell!”

To make sure he drove his point home, Anderson continued: “I hate him with a perfect hatred. I have no love, no love for this Bruce freak. I hope he dies today. I hope he dies and goes to hell. He’s disgusting! He’s filthy! He’s reprobate! … I pray that his heart would explode right now!”

If anybody in the peanut gallery disagreed with him, Anderson added, they could see their way out of his church.

“Nobody who defends that freak is welcome in this church!” he snarled.

We think we speak for everyone when we say: What an asshole.

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  • Andrew Mofukken Coffill

    and how is this not being called out as hate crimes????? what a douchbag

  • Kamal Patel

    This is the lesson you have learnt form the Bible pastor, you need to go back to school and pray because your hatred and judgement is a bigger Sin

  • Jeremy Homer

    Is he in the right religion? It seems to me Kali is more his style.

  • Raul Moya

    Pastor in Spanish means shepherd so if he lead a few goats in the fields, twat

  • Steve Davies

    I other countries we have psychiatric hospitals. Why don’t you in the US?

  • Mary C Scohera

    absolute a-hole and a disgrace to humanity

  • Michael Davy

    Where on earth do these people come from?

  • Jamey Arnold

    Thats one Christian who just reserved his seat in hell!

  • Daniel Lynch

    Think he needs to check the actual teaching of Jesus, He actually made no mention of GBLT people! Surely this type of Hate speech is a hate crime and just because he likes to portray himself as a supposed man of God goes not give him the right to act in this manner.

  • Luis H. Lopez

    Insane angry punk homophobe needs to be drag through the street!

  • Ladbrook

    I hear things like this and my first and only reaction is usually: 1) he’s mentally ill; or 2) he has some wicked-sweet skeletons in his closet pertaining to his own sexuality.

    In his case, I’m thinking: BOTH.

  • Kaare Korsbek

    F…. So happy that this country called USA have colleted 95% of all the idiots in the world.. They should all be banned to go outside the US ??????

  • 1EqualityUSA

    Pator, remember that you will be judged for every word that comes out of your mouth. Is that thin ice upon which you’re standing?

  • Dieter Michaels

    This guy HAS to have the world’s smallest penis. He is too damn angry.

  • Ditte Paul Posthuma de Boer

    Sad that many clueless and ignorant people will believe what he has to say…?????

  • Dave Basora

    That’s funny! I prayed for the exact same thing…FOR HIM!!

  • Whil Rhenq

    I bet this pastor loves it up the ass.

  • Richard Whytsell

    this is the beginning of the end for religion in america

  • Carlene Howe

    This guy’s cheese done slipped off his cracker.

  • Bernie Erdmann

    That’s not what Jesus would pray for…

  • Adrian Lehman-Sizemore

    funny the bible clearly states that when two or more come together to pray those prayers are answered so what does it mean caitlyn in still standing

  • Rob Bailey

    Shouldn’t Pastors preach love, compassion and harmony this guy is something else

  • Chris-MI

    It’s not clear that Jenner has ever had sex with a man, which I suppose is the definition of sodomy he likes. Of course if she’s a woman, then her and her wives might qualify. I think this guy may be of the sort that doesn’t consider lesbian sex to be a sin though…

  • ted72

    That’s just too much hate in this man. How deep is his closet? You’ve got to be hiding something with this much hate.

  • Santiago Patrocino Sánchez

    This type of person’s are the ones whot make the hater people may be is a woman inside of him tha want came out

  • John Howard Fearman

    Religion seems to give a great excuse to hate and be generally sub human.

  • Mike Burke

    I pray a giant hand comes down from the sky and smites him

  • William Stelma

    Heterosexual Christians are being unbiblical by using the clobber passages as justification for applying absolute standards of morality to homosexual ??sins? that they themselves are not tempted to commit, while at the same time accepting for themselves a standard of relative morality for those sins listed in the clobber passages that they do routinely commit.
    Homosexuality is briefly mentioned in only six or seven of the Bible??s 31,173 verses. (The verses wherein homosexuality is mentioned are commonly known as the ??clobber passages,? since they are typically used by Christians to ??clobber? LGBT people.) The fact that homosexuality is so rarely mentioned in the Bible should be an indication to us of the lack of importance ascribed it by the authors of the Bible.

    While the Bible is nearly silent on homosexuality, a great deal of its content is devoted to how a Christian should behave. Throughout, the New Testament insists upon fairness, equity, love, and the rejection of legalism over compassion. If heterosexual Christians are obligated to look to the Bible to determine the sinfulness of homosexual acts, how much greater is their obligation to look to the Bible to determine the sinfulness of their behavior toward gay persons, especially in light of the gay community??s call to them for justice?

    Some Bible passages pertinent to this concern are:

    Let any one of you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her. ?? John 8: 7

    Let no debt remain outstanding, except the continuing debt to love one another, for whoever loves others has fulfilled the law. The commandments, ??You shall not commit adultery,? ??You shall not murder,? ??You shall not steal,? ??You shall not covet,? and whatever other command there may be, are summed up in this one command: ??Love your neighbor as yourself.? Love does no harm to a neighbor. Therefore love is the fulfillment of the law ?? Romans 13:8-10

    Here there is no Gentile or Jew, circumcised or uncircumcised, barbarian, Scythian, slave or free, but Christ is all, and is in all. Therefore, as God??s chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience. Bear with each other and forgive one another if any of you has a grievance against someone. Forgive as the Lord forgave you ?? Colossians 3:11-13

    Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You give a tenth of your spices??mint, dill and cumin. But you have neglected the more important matters of the law??justice, mercy and faithfulness. You should have practiced the latter, without neglecting the former. You blind guides! You strain out a gnat but swallow a camel. ?? Matthew 23: 23-24

    A fundamental tenet of Christianity is that we are all born sinners, that we have no choice but to exist in relationship to our sinful natures. And so Christians accept as inevitable that any given Christian will, for instance, on occasion drink too much, lust, or tell a lie.

    As we??ll see below, in the clobber passages Paul also condemns, along with homosexuality, those three specific sins. But Christians don??t think that they are expected to never commit any degree of those sins. They understand that circumstances and normal human weaknesses must be taken into account before condemning any transgression. We all readily understand and accept the moral distinction between drinking socially and being a drunk, between a lustful thought and committing adultery, between telling a flattering white lie and chronically lying.

    Even a sin as heinous as murder we do not judge without first taking into account the context in which it occurred. Self-defense, protection of the innocent, during a war??we recognize that there are times when taking the life of another is not only not a sin, but a morally justified and even heroic act.

    Christians evaluate the degree of sin, or even whether or not a real sin has occurred, by looking at both the harm caused by the sin, and the intent of the sin??s perpetrator.

    They do, that is, for all sins except homosexuality.

    Virtually any degree of homosexual ??transgression? gets treated by some Christians as an absolute sin deserving absolute punishment. Such Christians draw no moral distinction between the homosexual gang rape in the story of Sodom and Gomorrah, the orgies to which Paul refers in his letter to the Romans, the wild sexual abandon Paul addresses in 1 Corinthians, and consensual homosexual sex between loving and committed homosexual partners.

    Heterosexual Christians are being unfair and hypocritical by using the clobber passages as justification for applying absolute standards of morality (and an absolute penalty) to homosexual ??sins? that they themselves are never tempted to commit, while at the same time accepting for themselves a standard of relative morality (and applying no real penalty) for those sins listed in the clobber passages that they do routinely commit.

    As there is no demonstrable harm arising from sex within a committed homosexual relationship, and there is significant demonstrable harm arising from the discrimination against and condemnation of gay persons, what possible biblical basis can there be for not recognizing the vast moral differences between sex acts done within the context of a loving committed relationship, and sex acts of any other sort?

    Here are a couple of Bible passages that any Christian should bear in mind whenever he or she is called upon (or at least emotionally compelled) to render a moral judgment:

    Do not judge, or you too will be judged. For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you. ?? Matthew 7:1-2

    Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother??s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye? How can you say to your brother, ??Brother, let me take the speck out of your eye,?? when you yourself fail to see the plank in your own eye? You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother??s eye. ?? Luke 6:41-42

  • Paul Polly Thompson

    Wonder how long before hes caught with a rent boy?

  • Albie Sia

    Hahaha so fucking funny, only an idiot like religious pastors can come up with caveman mentality.

  • Mark Lee

    How is this good christian behavior wanting bad things to happen to other people? spreading hate and calling it religion! another reason I’m atheist

  • Jamie Bensson

    What a sad individual :-( but also what a total asshole! Why hasn’t he been arrested for inciting hatred?

  • Jennifer Mercury

    I’m sure he votes republican. Just like she does.

  • Osman Akkurt

    Hate speech preaching, he should rot behind bars, fucking religious bigot.

  • Mark Stevenson

    Its like this fanatic is trying to up stage Isis!

  • Adam Mykel

    Wtf kind of prayer is that? Thats some real hatred right there, hypocritical ass pastor. Karmas a cunt tho, he’ll see his day before she’ll see hers

  • Jim McCoy

    He protests a little too much. How many times has he jerked off thinking bout giving his wee little winky to Ms. Jenner?

  • Knarf Yahzie

    does that mean he’ll be going to hell? what a horrible man to be saying this to another human being. holy sh** stop this already and help out our mankind for once. quite stalling and focus on other important stuff that your “god” told you to maybe like help the homeless, feed the starving with all the money your peeps donate, build houses etc… maybe church agenda or church people need to do away with religion or step up.

  • darian

    I think he’s made Caitlyn is prettier than his wife and has a bigger d*ck than him.

  • Robert Kinzey

    So happy that my God loves Caitlyn for who she is. Hope to one day meet and give Caitlyn a hug of total and complete support.

  • Doug Lia

    Satan’s pastor!!! Go back to hell!

  • Tony Chaplinski

    guess he thinks she can live without a heart, because he sure as hell doesn’t have one, or a brain for that matter

  • Robert Cuthbertson

    and god does not exist!! So, what is your point exactly?

  • Allie Pocket

    someone’s been playing mortal kombat x…

  • Don Michael

    And you idiots keep giving him media attention.

  • Dennis Richards

    Just pray for the poor misguided Pastor. People like that need your prayers to reach salvation.

  • Jon Michael

    This guy needs to be wrapped up and locked away in a padded cell!

  • Bob Buck

    Not the Christianity I know. Where’s the love Bro?

  • Eugene Schnitger

    Correct me if I am wrong, but isn’t this inciting violence???

  • Kree Hodges

    Then shoved into the pastor’s chest so that he can feel what it’s like to actually have a heart. Good idea! I’m all for it.

  • Clarence Standish

    You know, I’m staring at this asshole’s picture trying to imagine having so much hate in my heart that I would call for someone else’s and my eyes blurred. Suddenly Caitlyn’s head was on his shoulders. Made me laugh and remember this guy is a clown and Caitlyn will continue to triumph.

  • Brian James Grace

    what a mental case — he needs help — why isn’t any body doing something about it? — this man is dangerest — and mentally unbalance — remember Hitler

  • Gordon Forik

    This Pastor is a Ignorant Douche Bag

  • Giancarlo85

    Stop giving these bigots like this pastor attention. That’s exactly what they want.

  • Realitycheck

    We really need to criminalize “antiGay speech” and put in jail
    this kind of effing idiots.

    @Doug Lia:
    Thank you!!

    @Knarf Yahzie:
    Who cares? There is no Hell, and it is not a sin to be gay, and it is not a sin to have sex or enjoying what one eats, these primitive beliefs are 100 %
    invented to keep Christians in line with fear, what kind of idiot believe in a
    ghost god that doesn’t do anything not even talking to anyone? LOL
    And!!! “When you die I am going to spank you” because? God has nothing better to do?
    The so almighty God is so petty? And IT needs daily ass licking in the form of prayers??? Come ON! LOL
    Only uneducated and limited thinking folks can believe seriously in rules
    and regulations from a 4 thousands year book and its “newer version” of 2 thousand years ago.
    Wake up america! Europe already has………

  • Will Glitzern

    Anyone who talks this way has something to hide. It’s a diversionary tactic. And when we find out what is, he should be vilified.

  • William Holahan

    Heil HIM, what a fantastic NAZI salute he gives us all. Who does he think Kaitlin is, Promethius?

  • Sally Smith

    ooh and the power of prayer is going to make that happen you dumb ass

  • Douglas Kovacs

    he’s just afraid someone will find him on Grindr LOL

  • K Raye Pearson

    Get your dick ripped from your pants suit while your at it. Stupid bigots

  • Charles Willy Homan

    Is it a Sin to pass judgment on others? I thought judgment was God’s job.

  • Ed Vandeweerd

    There is NO Christian love in you Pastor! You are a hateful abomination!!

  • K Patrick McCarthy

    Yes, because that’s what Jesus always said! Smh

  • Blazipitous

    If this Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner had a lesbian fetish, he/she/it could have easily gotten two women with whom to take a threesome without going to such extremes. Way too old to be even doing this madness.

    Yuck! I think I’ll be sick with this whole thing!

  • Mykol Figaro

    What kind of person sits thru a hateful rant from this fool and thinks to themself I’m a great christian. He’s another small minded hateful bigot hypocrite clown that has a bunch mindless followers kinda like this lady.

  • Ken Johnson

    I am sorry but in my experience chaps like this pastor who keep on about it keep condemning it are usually closet gays he even looks Gay just like the old queer bashers of the 1970s most of them were closet gays or bisexual many of them used to go cottaging picking guys up in public toilets then after having sex they beat the guy up being disgusted with themselves this pastor is just the same I strongly suspect

  • b2savage

    And the countdown for him to be caught with an under age boy beings in 10,9,8,7….

  • Tony S. Childress

    People like him are the reason people are turning away from the church

  • Carlos Guevara

    It is sad to think that in this time of age we have people who have this type of ideas and religious beliefs. This man has a lot of hatred in his heart. I really feel sorry for him! Poor ignorant man.He clearly doesn’t know or understand what gay people go through each and everyday of their lives. He is definitely the one that needs Jesus!!!

  • jwtraveler

    I had a supervisor a few years ago who was a religious Christian, but not in an offensive way, and she was capable of rational discussion. We occasionally chatted about our very different perspectives on religion. She once said that Christianity is about ‘love’. As she was my supervisor, I wanted to be civil and respectful, but inside I was screaming: “WHERE THE F–K DID YOU EVER GET THAT IDEA?!!”

  • Steve Proo

    I’m actually curious to see what his Congress thinks about it?

  • Kevin J Desmond

    That guy is a fucken freak … you Steven Anderson are a pathetic and disgusting low life piece of scum sucking filth !!

  • Russell Mccullough

    Why, so he can eat it and become more powerful?

  • Raphael

    This pastor is hot as fuck. I wanna fuck his hairy asshole and then I want him to fuck mine.

  • Raphael

    lol people here are so dumb. not all homophobic guys are gay and cait is a trans women.

  • OhHellNo

    This closet queen…er, pastor is doing shit like this because the last time he did shit like this, he got media coverage, which means more donations from like-minded slack-jawed brain-dead assholes. The antidote to this is to QUIT. REPORTING. ON. HIM. Jesus, play into people’s hands much?

  • dkinney

    Who is their right mind would want to waste a beautiful Sunday morning having this man hurl all over you?

  • Joe Wilborn

    Quit giving him face time!!!!!!!!!???????????

  • Chris

    @Tony Chaplinski: My thought exactly when I read the headline. This pastor has no heart. I can only hope that all flavors of LGBT are spread out among his eight children so that he might learn how hateful his words are and repent them.

  • Gdaws69

    Maybe there is reincarnation…this asshole is Hitler incarnated. Pure evil!

  • Chuck Cardillo

    “Cave his heart ripped from his chest”, this asshole pastor should have his ball ripped from his scrotum and be forced to eat them! All these crazy religions with their insane leaders.

  • Rochelle Flores

    Im pretty sure this qualifies as inciting violence and a threat – he should be arrested. Disagreement is your right – voicing that disagreement is your right UNTIL it begins endangering someones safety.

  • Lotta Yadayada

    I’d like to watch his nuts ripped from his body and sewn into his mouth…

  • Lucas LeDain

    Yes this pastor has said something every week bc you keep bringing him attention just ignore him and hell shut up. And also Im bored of hearing about Caitlyn Jenner, she has never supported gay rights a fact all of you seem to have forgotten

  • Jo-anne Sokolik

    Oh my GAWD! Some people R soooo stuck on themselves
    They like to hear themselves talk and don’t care who they hurt!

  • Maude

    He is his own worst enemy, and the people who belong to his church are his enablers who will follow him to hell, if they don’t get the hell out of there instantly.

    He is not a man of God.
    He isn’t even a man of the devil, but I suspect he soon will be.

  • Dakotahgeo

    This pervert makes assholes proud to be who they are — he doesn’t even measure up to the respect or standards we have for assholes!

  • Darrin DeCooman

    Doesn’t sound like a Christian to me. WWJD

  • John Smith

    1 John 4:7-8 “Dear friends, let us love one another, for love comes from God. Everyone who loves has been born of God and knows God. Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love.”

    Pastor, you do not know God and He does not know you.

  • Dorcas Douglas Friedel

    guess his bible doesn’t contain the section: judge not least ye be judged.

  • Justin Marrs

    Because that’s what God is about… Lol

  • Scott Haltom

    Maybe he will come back as a person in Jenner’s position and has to make his journey.

  • scotshot

    Sodomy is the act of sexual intercourse involving anal or oral copulation, it makes no difference if the act is performed by gay or str8 people. Roughly 100 million heteros have performed Sodomy. It’d be a real bitch to bury all those people if they all dropped dead.

    I’ve noticed that quite often christians state that gay people are cramming themselves down their throats. Wishful thinking?

  • scotshot

    @Realitycheck: No we shouldn’t criminalize antigay speech. It’s better to know it’s out there just as other types of bigoted speech regarding race, religion, etc. are. It’s better to be know what our enemies are saying and are up to.

  • Rob Toth

    Literally, ripping out someone’s heart? #WWJD ? Not THAT!

  • Jeff Rice

    WWJD. Dumb ass

  • Louis

    Lock this twisted bastard up already….in a mental institution.

  • Luis H. Lopez

    You sorry excuse for a human being ! I would stomp the antigay vomit out of you !

  • Bret Thompson

    another example of why hell wont be bad. we wont get near the fire because all the preachers will be in the way

  • Michael John Bramham

    wow, there’s that Christian love and forgiveness we’re always getting told about *eye roll*

  • Gee Rosato

    He used to be in gay porn

  • Linda James Fugate

    That just makes him a cult leader & not a man of God!

  • Hana Chan

    what an awful, awful thing to pray for. i pray that God gives him a conscience to feel the pain and guilt of having prayed for something so horrible.

  • mbfmark

    Yes, he’s an anti-gay, homophobically obsesses bigot. But the hardest part to believe is that he can gather enough equally hatefully, self-righteous bigots each week to keep his pews filled and the “offering” plate full to pay to keep him spewing this vitriol every week. I bet this guy has major skeletons in his closet to boot!

  • Gene Sulzberger

    This kind of public hate speech should result in a prison sentence.

  • Robert Stearn

    Rather extreme prayer!!! #godbless ???

  • Donald Zeger

    God is love, right christians?

  • Transiteer

    Him First!

  • Transiteer

    Shows why the fastest growing ‘religions’ are Atheism and Buddhism. Obviously, Christianity is for nuts.

  • Donald McDevitt

    Facebook should delete his account. He is only about hate.

  • Michele Perry

    Feel the love! Hypocritical asshole! How can someone wish this…on anyone,and then preach about god? SMFH!

  • blackberry finn

    Karma’s a bitch, man. Watch out for falling pianos.

  • blackberry finn

    His speaking voice totally sets off my gay-dar.
    He’s clearly adhering to the rule, “The first to protest is the last suspect”

  • Jeanne Mehallo

    Gotta love that xtian compassion smh

  • Evelyn Carole Fields

    IF Jesus had met you in the temple I really believe he would have rather spent time with the money changers than a man who prays for humans to be murdered.

  • Kevin Pearcey

    How Christian is that? How about praying for a peaceful world? Oh sorry! That would be THE Christian thing to do.

  • Sandy O'Shea

    Oh dear I think the paster doth protest to much, look at your own sexuality darling I think you’re a bit confused.

  • Julsey Horner

    Yep it takes all sorts. To think that same pastor would also be preaching on “WE MUST NOT BE JUDGEMENTAL” bless him….bloody moron.

  • Alan David Smith

    for every gay man and woman out there who care’s about children. check your school’s and find out weather they are signed up for the various campaigns of donation’s. companie’s such as cambell’s(label’s for education) . general mill’s and others are part of (box tops for education) and if your state sells it a brand called aunt millies has a thing called school spirit. what does this have to do with this story. not a thing. but from now on I’m going to put effort in on how we as people can make positive change’s in the world. to combat the lunacy that the media has made the new normal.

  • Ben Gouws

    pastor does not have a heart

  • GayTunes

    Stop giving these idiots a platform to vomit their ideas by posting about them all the time. I think it would be more effective reporting these hate crimes to the police.

  • Luis H. Lopez

    Hater and monster lunatic !

  • James Cope

    Where the heck in the Bible does it say to do that. Just one of many hypocrites.

  • onthemark

    He looks gay. Although I’m guessing the suit is from Sears.

  • James Thomas

    Don’t you just love caring Christians….. makes me puke and hate ‘organized religion even more….

  • Gert van Veen

    How many sick religious people are there in the USA?

  • WR Dillow Russell Harrell

    I pray for him (the pastor) that God will help him see that it is uncalled for any hate and to preach from his heart with love and compassion. As this is the true meaning that God wants us all to see and hear.

  • David Stauffer

    Kalimaaaa Kalimaaaa *Indiana Jones music starts playing*

  • Scott Shanks

    Must be a “new” christian value: Wishing for someone’s heart to be ripped out of their chest…Hmmm…

  • John Hancock

    I guess he forgets what Jesus, himself, said…’love one another, as I have loved you’. Oh, what a wonderful Christian this guy is!! NOT!!!!

  • gaym50ish

    Is there something about Baptist and other evangelical denominations that makes people crazy, or do evangelical beliefs just attract all the crazies? When they’re not trying to get prayer back in schools or convince us that the earth is only 6,000 years old and people co-existed with dinosaurs (Dino and Bam-Bam?) they’re doing a lot of very un-Christian bashing of people they deem to be sinners.

    To be fair, it IS mainly the evangelicals who are so vehemently anti-gay, so we should not tar all Christians with the same brush. Even a majority of Catholics do not consider gay sex sinful, in spite of their church’s official anti-gay teachings. A 2011 Public Religion Research Institute poll of Catholics found that 56 percent do not consider gay sex a sin.

    • Dakotahgeo

      As a Baptist-trained Seminary graduate, I say it all depends on WHICH Baptist denomination’s (there are only 57 different Baptist denominations) Seminary a person attends. There are the toadstool variety like the Southern Baptist Convention, the middle of the roaders, and then the liberal/progressive Seminaries. Stay away from the wacko hard core/soft head conservative churches and seminaries. A person will not do themselves or Christians any good by associating with them!

  • Carla Marrs

    Really? what happened to the Bible that says “Only GOD can Judge” This guy probably has sins so terrible he has to focus on someone else to keep anyone from finding out he is lustful, greedy, unholy, prideful, unforgiving and using religion for his personal gain.

  • Nathan Gray

    Not even reposting. This freak needs to just be ignored at this point..

  • Gregory McDaniel

    And this like all prayers, will be unanswered.

  • 1EqualityUSA

    Perhaps flesh is the result of God’s judgement, Pastor. This would certainly explain death.

  • Sluggo2007

    Only a holy roller could spew out such hate. That’s why I contend that religion is pure BS.

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  • TomMc

    “Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light”
    – 2 Corinthians 14, NIV

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