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Pastor Steven Anderson Is A Crazy Person. Must We Take His Murder Threats Seriously?


Steven Anderson is the crazypants anti-gay pastor calling for Obama’s death and all sorts of Armageddon style ridiculousness. Leading his parish at Faithful Word Baptist Church in Tempe, Ariz., Anderson has kept busy calling four our heads. This gets him a lot of press. Even from the gays.

From Jack E. Jett to Michelangelo Signorile, we’re fawning all over this hatemonger. It’s beautiful.

Now, like most anti-gay zealots, Mr. Anderson (yes, this guy) finds his hatred written in Bible verse, or at least that’s his takeaway.

Jack E. Jett: You think that all gay people are child molesters and predators. Is that correct?

Steven Anderson: Yes.


Which would be fine, were it not for his incitements to violence. Be anti-gay all the way, just please don’t advocate murder.

Especially of the president. To be fair, Anderson doesn’t encourage anyone to kill Barack Obama, but he wouldn’t have a problem with it. Nor would he have a problem with anyone who gunned down a crowd of LGBTs with a machine gun. He would, however, cherish the moment, because somebody would have martyred themselves. (Obama is a baby killer, you see.)

Sadly, Mr. Anderson speaks in tongues, non sequiturs, and hate. We hesitate to take this man seriously, except here he is, in a public forum, firmly believing he’s on the right side of right while finding violence and murder perfectly acceptable.

Strip all that away, however, and this man is a fine comedian.

Michelangelo Signorile: You know, I’m gay..I’m gay, and I don’t molest any children. What do you think of that?

Steven Anderson: Well, I’d say you’re lying.

MS: You think i must be molesting children, right?

SA: Exactly, right.

MS: Do you pray that I’ll die tonight?

SA: If you’re a homosexual, I hope you get brain cancer like Ted Kennedy.

Like, these are jokes, right?

Jett: Okay. And you say this because all the gay people you had come in contact with have tried to either seduce your or seduce your children?

Anderson: No, no that’s not really the right quote. Here’s where I get that belief. First of all, Leviticus 20:13 says that if man also lies with mankind as he lies with a woman, even both of them have committed an abomination, their blood shall be upon them. So God put the death penalty on homosexuality in Leviticus 20:13. It’s reiterated again in Romans chapter one in the New Testament.

And as far as believing that they’re all pedophiles and predators, it’s not… obviously I’ve come in contact with gay people constantly, and I didn’t… obviously every single one of them I came in contact with I didn’t witness them trying to molest or trying to rape. But what I said was that there are three stories in the Bible that involve homosexuals, and in all three stories they’re trying to rape and abuse people against their will. Also there are other verses in the Bible like Habakkuk 2:!5 … [Begin part 2] … where the Bible insinuates that the gays will try to use alcohol to molest or rape someone against their will. And then I said that the gays I’ve known, like that I actually knew as far as some that were in my extended family for example, or that I went to school with, were always trying to molest or recruit others to their lifestyle.

Obviously I’ve come into contact briefly with people out in public. Obviously every single one of them I didn’t witness doing this, because they’re doing it behind closed doors. But I’m saying I’ve been exposed to a lot of it. I’ve seen…

Part of us wants to ignore this man. Like the National Organization for Marriage, he has an agenda of hate. And yet, like NOM, he also has an audience. People listen to this guy. Some may even agree with him, tacitly or wholeheartedly. And thus, must we engage him?

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  • terrwill

    Whats on his face in the pic? Looks like this little prick is into scat…………

  • Jerrold

    Anyone delusional enough to think saying no to searching your car shouldn’t be allowed to have an opinion about anything. And yeah, you know why the cops always attack you? Gay Mafia – BI*CH!

  • Alexander

    Mr. Anderson needs to go suck the dick he so badly desires and just get it over with. BIG SELF-HATING HOMO.

  • dlpca

    Where do I begin? There is so much wrong with this Andersen guy that he must be starved for attention or national publicity for his church. He has no formal education, no expertise in religious doctrine, no real grasp of logic, no structured common sense and no conscience on civil decency regarding humanity.

    God tends to mute noise like his with irony. And effectively so that Mr. Andersen later in his life discovers not only one but two of his children are Gay. This is how the Divine will destroy his evil. God is really good!

    “Beloved, never avenge yourselves, but leave it to the wrath of God, for it is written, “Vengeance is mine, I will repay, says the Lord.” 20 To the contrary, “if your enemy is hungry, feed him; if he is thirsty, give him something to drink; for by so doing you will heap burning coals on his head.” 21 Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.” -Romans 12:19-21

    For Mr. Andersen let us pray it be so.

  • Chitown Kev


    “Mr. Anderson needs to go suck the dicks he so badly desires and just get it over with. BIG SELF-HATING HOMO.”

    Sorry Alexander, that typo was so obvious, I had to fix that for you.

  • Bill

    someone needs to put a bullet in his head.

  • terrwill

    @terrwill: Yes, I am replying to my own post! Based on what I previously said that would make him a true shithead!! (I crack myself up sometimes…..)

  • D-Sun

    I’m not going to actively encourage anyone to track this guy down and slit his throat from ear to ear. But, I certainly wouldn’t mind it IF someone did…

    See, because I phrased as a hypothetical instead of making it a direct order, it’s OK.

  • tavdy79

    God sure has a twisted sense of humour – putting so much ugliness and wrapping it up in so much cuteness.

  • Republican

    OMG, I think I knew this guy years ago. Never expected him to turn out like this

  • Jack

    @terrwill: Well at least you amuse someone.

  • Rick


  • John Visser

    Fuck this shit – I’m tired of it and advocate we all just buy guns and start leveling the playing field.

  • Charles Merrill

    He believes that the Bible is the word of God. No one will change a word in that “holy book” not even gay Jesus people. MCC, Episcopalians and Moderate Christians could publish an updated version of a loving Bible, taking out all the stonings and shrimp crap, but they don’t. They must think it has magical powers also so they leave it in there with no arguments, giving permission for the Pope and other fundamental crazies to implement death on us.

  • anothergayryan

    I think of this exchange as like when something is dying. There’s this incredible surge of adrenaline and firing nerves. Although this is a death that will take years, the heterosexist and homophobic drama of the Religious Wrong is dying. It’s flailing and striking out, and I expect it to get even worse for the short term. For God’s sake, even a majority of the ef-ing Lutherans are ok with the sex now.

    My faith, however, is in the younger generations who seem to continually, habitually, evolutionarily display a welcome indifference about whether I’m gay or not, whether I sleep with men or not. Maybe I’ll be dead before it’s fully realized, but you can’t stop the tide.

  • terrwill

    @Jack: Hey Jack…..I am sure you amuse everyone around you everytime they look at your mug!! (you see anyone can be pissy and put nasty posts here!!!!)

  • InExile

    This man is dangerous and has an audience of hate filled people. If he continues preaching such extreme hate it will be just a matter of time before one of his crazy followers acts on the ideas he preaches, think Charles Manson. I hope law enforcement is watching this guy and his loyal followers.

  • Charles Merrill

    I hope you are right. As long as the hate in the Bible is printed as “the word of God”, someone is going to use it to gain power. People like Palin, Huckabee, Rick Warren, Harry Jackson, ect.

  • Rick


    Have you lost your mind?

  • Dennis

    Any sane person, gay or straight, can smell the CRAZY on this fucker from a mile away…but the problem is that it’s not the sane people who are a threat to Obama, or to gays…crazy fucks can and do ‘lose it’, going over the edge of sanity and committing acts of violence.

    This nutbag’s hate DOES encourage and ‘validate’ similar feelings and hatreds held by other nutbags. We (sane people) can see this man as a sad joke, or as a pathetic closet case, but the danger and negative influence on the ‘weak-minded, hateful sheep’ is very real.

    I absolutely hope this nut, and his followers, are on the Secret Service/FBI/CIA watch list… this is what religious terrorism looks like.

  • schlukitz

    Anderson probably has a small willy and that can make a man real mean! ;o)

  • terrwill

    I think the time has come to what might be said to be very un PC that we should call a spade a spade. The reason there is such rabid overwhelming right wing-nut off the charts behavior is simply this: Obama is a black man. These nutbags are going crazy and they can’t come out and say how much it fucking bugs the bejeezes out of them that we have a black President, so they toss out every other word they can find. Socialist, Nazi, Dictator, on and on. I wish the powers that be would begin to filter this message out…………………

  • tavdy79

    @Rick: Hell no! He has a cute-as-a-button face, but he has an even uglier heart – assuming the hate he bathes in daily hasn’t dissolved it already. It’s like wrapping dogshit in ice-cream – looks nice to start with, but dig in and smell and you’ll soon get reacquainted with last night’s dinner.

  • jason

    He probably masturbates over lesbian scenes, like most homophobes.

  • bernardvanburen

    its funny because everyone was on this guys side when he made that youtube video about the border patrol searches. but he was probably on some kind of watch list already at that point. he’s definitely been interviewed by the secret service about his threats on the president’s life. but he is careful with some of his words. he knows what lines not to cross.

  • Joanaroo

    A dumb question, Queerty. Any crazy ass like this guy needs taken seriously – by the Secret Service, FBI, and others. In the news-guns and ammo sales are up, more militia groups are forming, hate group websites are gaining membership. Geezus, America, don’t bury your head up your ass now!

  • alan brickman

    You should HOPE the media would put him on tv…to show how crazy gay hate is ….people would then back up for sure on this issue then…remember Rush Limbaugh and his rants against Michael Fox and stem cell research??…

  • mark

    I don’t ignore this sick F*CK, or the barely literate flock he has in his cult.
    Should he or his followers act on their hatred of Obama, Barney Frank or gays and lesbians….secret service will be the LEAST of his worries.

    Stevie is seriously the most loathsome individual I ever heard of, and his wife Zsuzsanna is equally foul and hateful. They are lucky 1000’s of miles seperate us, I wouldn’t trust myself in proximity of this putrid pieceO’sh*t.

  • mark

    the Andersons have i,s,s,u,e,s

    You just have to look at his 17 yo video where he has WHAM wannabee bleached highlights.
    Zsuzsanna is Miss Buchenvald 1985, and wears no make up and Birkenstocks. She NOW has real rigid gender appropriate quirks as women never wear pants or cut their hair…sounds very “ex” dyke syndrome.
    Maybe these two met at a Global Exodus seminar.

  • rudy

    @terrwill: Correct.
    On Olbermann tonight Dan Savage had the guts to finally say publicly what the media is too afraid to talk about:

    “The religious right is fomenting this kind of hatred in this country at our peril. I really do think that the Michele Bachmanns of the world and the Glenn Becks of the world are actively and consciously, or subconsciously, trying to get – I’m just going to say it, trying to get the president killed. That’s why they’re setting this up as kill or be killed arguments. He’s going to kill your grandma, pull the plug on grandma, death panels that little children have to go in front of.”

    “This kind of rhetoric – this paranoid style on the religious right – from Birchers to birthers – doesn’t usually end well. And, somebody’s got to put the brakes on it and unfortunately for the Republican Party, there’s no adults left in the room – only the Michele Bachmanns and the Glenn Becks and the Rush Limbaughs running the show.”


  • Harold_aka_Texson

    @Jerrold: I really do not have the time or inclination to give you a lecture on the Constitution. It goes without saying that Pastor Anderson is not delusional to think that the Constitution gives him the right to refuse an “UNLAWFUL SEARCH”

    You Liberals NEVER cease to amaze me me. I mean y’all get your Panties all in a bunch over the video taping of a Crack Head getting beat by the Cops for evading arrest. Then you think it is the Pastors fault for getting his @$$ kicked for standing up for his Constitutional rights.

  • Robert, NYC


    Jason, my theory is, straight men salivating over lesbian sex scenes (gay sex scenes of course) speaks volumes. Most are probably inclined to have male on male sex but live in denial. The fact that they get off watching this kind of thing seems to run contrary to their abhorrence of male on male sex, the very thing they probably crave but are afraid to indulge in. I wouldn’t mind betting that this would all come out under controlled hypnosis. Homophobia to me is suspect and is just a front to deflect what is really going on inside these people’s minds. I also believe the truly well adjusted straight male or woman for that matter wouldn’t react in such a negative way if he or she were comfortable with their own sexual orientation, let alone feel threatened by it.

  • Bill Perdue

    We have to take him and the other christer nuts like Lonnie McClurkin, Kirbyjon Caldwell and Rick Warren very seriously. But don’t expect Obama to be our fierce defender.

    Bush, Cheney, Rice, Powell, Gates, Rumsfeld, Gonzales and Ashcroft are guilty of crimes against humanity, subversion of the Constitution and gross corruption. They murdered hundreds of thousands of Iraqis and Afghans, set up open and secret CIA/DoD concentration camps, kidnapped, tortured and murdered political opponents and innocent people, ran a huge illegal wiretap operation against US citizens using phones and computers and smirked while the predator, looter rich swindled trillions.
    Clinton did it before Bush and Obama’s doing it now. It’s an open and shut case against Bush and his partners in crime but Obama will never prosecute them. Why? Because he’s committing the same crimes. Nor will he go after murderers just waiting for their chance like this pig.

    Obama and the Democrats are Republicans in drag.

    As things heat and the Obama administration remains paralyzed by their own complicity in the same crimes Bush committed and their mutual opposition to our agenda we’re going to have to work with unions, the NAACP, MALDEF, women’s groups and others to set up a self-defense network. We may be first on the kill list of christer maniacs like Anderson, Lonnie McClurkin, Kirbyjon Caldwell and Rick Warren but we’re not alone.

  • B

    jason wrote, “He probably masturbates over lesbian scenes, like most homophobes.”

    Interesting – did someone put some webcams in a statistically representative sample of homophobes’ bedrooms to see what goes on in there?

  • swl.30483

    I listened to this guy speak to Michaelangelo, and yes he is another Religious Crazy out there, but you must understand that you nor I will EVER change his perception of what the Bible says or means, it is subjective to begin with. He will continue to spew his hatred for all things contradictory to his beliefs, he will do this because someone will listen. I believe that what we must do is present a louder voice. I suggest all Arizonan Gays, coordinate and get together to visit his little church every sunday. A group of 200 or so, walking in together, united on a weekly basis will speak loudly. Of course it would be necessary to announce to the press that this will take place every week until that church denounces his hate and rhetoric.

  • Harold_aka_Texson

    @Bill Perdue: Bill there must be a snowball now slowly forming in the bowls of Hell. :-) This is the first post I think I have ever read on here that I agree with in toto. The ONLY real difference between Obama and W is the color of their skin and about 30 IQ points!

  • Harold_aka_Texson

    @swl.30483: I am sure an angry mob of Gay people storming a Church service is going to really engender good will for your cause with the larger society. In case you missed it that was sarcasm!

  • schlukitz


    Yep. The trick is to sit down like good little boys and girls, button our lips and take our medicine. In case YOU missed it, that was sarcasm!

  • Bill Perdue

    @Harold_aka_Texson: I’m glad you agree with my post but I think distrupting the affairs of cult leaders, if the crowd we can draw is large enough, is a very good idea.

    We should, when there’s widespread support for it in our community, go after the mormons, the catholic cult and the southern baptist who are the Waffen SS of the religious right. It’s always best to do that when they’re being particularly obnoxious, not out of the blue.

    We should demand that they be taxed just like their competition, Disney and Dreamworks, and that their schools be secularized.

    We should insist that armed guards be present when priest are withing striking distance of children.

    We should be for a law making it illegal for cults to interferen in civil affairs, beginning with marriage.

  • Rosa

    @Robert, NYC

    “Homophobia to me is suspect and is just a front to deflect what is really going on inside these people’s minds. I also believe the truly well adjusted straight male or woman for that matter wouldn’t react in such a negative way if he or she were comfortable with their own sexual orientation, let alone feel threatened by it.”

    I think you’re right. It brings to mind that study that found that virulent homophobes were really turned on by gay porn. They’re unable to deal with the normal homosexual feelings that Freud and Kinsey said everyone has to one extent or another. Wherever they are on the Kinsey scale, whether it’s one or six, it’s too much for them to face. The more crazy and hateful they are, the more intense the feelings and shame are. Of course this repression is what’s behind the Hetereosexual Dictatorship, as Isherwood referred to it.

  • mark

    The best LGBT community and actual people of Faith, is to be present picketing this cult, twice on Sundays and Wednesday night),who are walking in and out of this building armed. The national and international media coverage will put pressure on the landlord of this puny office building to kick this cult OUT.

  • mark

    Stevie either works for or owns a fire alarm business, getting that boycotted will kill his family’s income, the tiny congregation (30 people some looked homeless)couldn’t support a volunteer deacon, and Zsuzsanna Anderson is a stay at home Mom home sk0oLin’ their no neck white trash kids.

  • Harold_aka_Texson

    Bill my friend truth be told I dont have a Dog in this Hunt. I mean as a Heterosexual Libertarian leaning Republican I believe to each his own. While I do not agree with everything the Pastor says I agree 100% with his right to say it.

    The ONLY thing that will be accomplished by harassing this man and bringing national media attention to him is you will increase his congregation and have donations flowing in from the Bible Belt like Manna from Heaven.

  • Jose Pires

    False Pastor Steven Anderson his a criminal and this man has very serious mental problems. They should arrest him or put him in a house of lunatics. he look like a crazy, is hysterical, neurotic, and Nazi racist. FBI must Arrest him. This guy threatened to kill the U.S. President, and has lots of pages on the Net asking for money, for what?. Only if it is to organize a group and weapons. Which he wants to show? Just shows that it is an anarchist, do not like to obey the laws. He is enjoying and playing with the authorities.It is pure fun of a guy who has psychological problems, is not a normal person. It is this kind of people that have to be afraid. Appear normal but are highly dangerous and can take revenge on the authorities of the most violent way. Is a psycho pervert, racist, anarchist, a NAZI
    and should be imprisoned for defamation and threatening to kill the President of U.S.A. walks with armed bodyguards with weapons. I think it’s a very dangerous individual because they get to have a great support from the public.

  • Jose Pires

    Just do not understand how such a guy is not in jail, and have not shut up anyway. No one can cause an “accident” to this guy? Could you drop a boulder on his head, or have a car accident, or simply people lynch the guy. When he left the house may stumble on a stone … and break your neck. To end such a publicity he has done in all media, this fool is already achieving what he wanted, a cleaner breed. If he were of another religion or race or abroad, he was arrested for sure.

  • jpires

    Poor stupid Anderson, ever shut up, this guy pastor Anderson, is everywhere to annoy people, there’s nothing else to do? You’ll produce something for your country. Get a job. Instead of leading with a “taser”, you should take upon with a lightning or electrical spark. You, S.Anderson, should be tied to a tree on a stormy day.

  • Ro

    Mark-Steven Anderson doesn’t have his fire alarm business any more. His biggest client dropped him after someone complained about them doing work with Anderson. Zsuzsanna said on her blog in the past that if something happened to her husband she can support her children on her transcription from home job. She was boasting to people that commented that she should have a way to support herself. Karma got her on this one because she knows very well that she can’t support her children on that home job.

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