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  • Matt

    Yeah, well, that’s very nice an’ all, but where’s the big Washington sex scandal bombshell Flynt’s been promising to drop? Surely this isn’t it (cuz Pat, honey, there’s nothing big about THAT particular bombshell…)

  • Bob R

    That photo has been around a long time. It used to be referred to as “Boone in a box.” The guy is really creepy, always has been.

  • abelincoln

    Every “morally depraved” person who has been immorally affected by people like Patsy should pst this picture on his//her website.

    In fact, does someone know how to get this up on Google images search?

  • marc

    cheaper than my last trick? you all pay for tricks?

    let me just say to pat boone what i say to the trolls who don’t know what ‘no’ means and cruise me with a vengeance: “that looks like a penis…ONLY SMALLER!”

  • Amber LeMay

    While not a size queen, I can still be impressed… but at my age I’ve learned to agree that more than a mouthful is wasted.

  • Chilly

    He could have gone a little more green and used a much smaller box (in his defense, it was the 1930’s and the environment wasn’t a big concern).

  • Peter J Formaini

    I think you mean ‘where’, dear, not ‘wear’.

  • Michele Tattersal

    The Dead Kennedy’s said it first about the Anita Bryant’s and the Pat Boones,

    “If you are alive then God must be dead”.

  • Fact Checker

    I know Pat pretty well and I’ve asked him about this photo and it’s not him. The guy looks somewhat like Pat but it’s not him. I can’t tell that Pat is one funny guy but he didn’t put his slung through box- however, if he did then that’s funny and give him props for a good sense of humor.

  • Rufas

    What religion teaches pecker in a box ?

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