Pat Buchanan Is Furious the Lesbians Won’t Put Him in Charge


Racist cable news commentator Pat Buchanan must’ve been delighted to learn he’d been nominated to lead the executive board of the Lesbian Coalition of America. Except that only happened when board member Alexandra Tillman mistook him for a lesbian.

After seeing Buchanan on the teevee a few times, Tillman submitted his name for consideration. Now, Tillman suffers from dementia, which is being used to explain her move — which the board quickly shot down. But Buchanan is “upset,” and thinks the LCA is just discriminating against him! He tells Rachel Maddow, “No one is more qualified to head this lesbian group than me. I’d enliven the LCA and help them move in a new direction.”

Among Buchanan’s self-professed qualifications? He watches The L Word. For the cinematography, we’re sure.