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Pat Buchanan’s Racist Tome Gets Him Fired From MSNBC. He Blames Blacks, “Militant Gays”

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Conservative nutjob Pat Buchanan is old-school crazy: He is often cited for his white-supremacist bigotry against people of color, Jews, homosexuals, immigrants—well, he’s not picky, really.  A senior advisor to Nixon, Ford and Reagan, Buchanan is also an author, columnist and talking head, among other things.

It’s no surprise, and frankly it’s sorely overdue, that we’re crown ol’ Patty with our highest honor: The Douche of the Week!

Recently Pat authored a new book, Suicide of a Superpower: Will America Survive to 2025?, that’s has caused something of a furor. (Chapter 4 is “The End of White America,” about how this country’s European “core” is being undermined by immigration.)

Book don’t sell themselves, though, so Buchanan went on a promotional tour and stopped by The Political Cesspool, a radio show that claims to represent a pro-white philosophy: “We wish to revive the White birthrate above replacement level fertility and beyond to grow the percentage of Whites in the world relative to other races.”

Sounds like the ideal audience for him.

But Buchanan’s book and his partnering up with a hate group ticked off civil-rights organizations and Credo Action, who gathered 270,000 signatures demanding MSNBC fire him.

It looks like the network listened: Buchanan hasn’t appeared on MSNBC since October. Network president Phil Griffin told reporters this weekend that Suicide of a Superpower and its barely veiled white-supremacist views were to blame for his absence—and might result in his never being invited back.

What does our DOTW do in response? Oh, right, he blames the gays.

During a radio interview with Sean Hannity on Tuesday  Buchanan claimed his absence was because of the book tour and a subsequent illness in December. Then he went after “the usual suspects,” as he calls them:

“Look, for a long period of time the hard left—militant gay rights groups, militant… well, they call themselves civil-rights groups, but I’m not sure they’re concerned about civil rights, people of color, [activist/policy wonk] Van Jones—These folks and others have been out to get Pat Buchanan off TV, deny him speeches [and] get his column canceled.”

Ah victimization, the last refuge of the Douche.

But seriously, who are these “militant gays” Buchanan rails against—and can we join them?  We look fabulous in camouflage.

All together now: What a douche!

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  • Lance

    If demanding my rights makes me a “militant homosexual”, then I have absolutely no problem with the epithet.

  • Mr. T

    “Douche of the Week”?

    Nooooo. Buchanan’s DOUCHE OF THE DECADE.

  • Robert in NYC

    Typical of these right wing republican nutbags, always playing the victim when the tables are turned on them and of course, blaming gays for just about everything. Thank goodness this scum has gone from MSNBC. What about his militant low-information Fox freaking Tea Party scumbags?

  • Mike UK

    these sort of people never think they’ve done anything wrong so of course it’s everyone elses fault when they get canned! until he bangs his head really hard and sees the light that’s the way it’s always going to be! gays and people of colour are an easy target in the blame game so are highly likely to be top of the list when fuckwits like him need someone to blame for their own bigoted actions!

  • Chuck

    Everybody always suspected that he was a racist and homophobe, and at the first chance he proves we were right all along. Thanks for justifying your firing you racist homophobe.

  • randy

    At the least, he’s a militant racist and homophobe. I wonder why he doesn’t wear that mantle proudly? Afteralll, he’s just trying to save western civ!

  • Shannon1981

    Meh, they’ve been using that militant homosexual line for ages, @Lance: .

    I even had my name on a list of “militant homosexuals” in a GOP pamphlet here in town(small southern town, probably printed in some hick’s garage).

    Pat is gone, that’s all that matters. Let him rant to the only people who care: right wing radio blowhards. Maybe Rush Limbaugh will give him a job.

  • Chopper Man

    For the record, Buchanan wasn’t an employee of MSNBC, so technically he couldn’t be fired. He was a contracted consultant paid per appearance. The term “not inviting him back” is more appropriate than him being fired. But then again, Queerty does love its drama.

  • GOD (gay old dude)

    The author writes: “Ah victimization, the last refuge of the Douche.”

    How utterly ironic coming from a member of the gay community, or anyone for that matter.

  • Polyboy

    GOD, go to hell.

  • Cam

    So if gays are Militant just for wanting rights, then what does that make somebody like Buchanan who wants absolute power AND to take rights away from everybody else? Crazy? a Megalomaniac?

  • DavyJones

    The ridiculous content of his tripe aside; the fact that he refers to himself by name in the third person, and with the pronoun “him” all in the space of about 5 seconds is enough to make him a massive douche…. Add in the content, and I’m agreeing with Mr. T; I’m all for listing Pat as one of the Douches of the past several decades….

  • GOD (gay old dude)

    @Polyboy: Why should I go to hell, Poly? For telling the truth? Name-calling won’t get you anywhere . . . except in the gay community, apparently. It seems to be your only resource when it comes to rational discussion.

  • WillBFair

    Next we need to get rid of Tony Pekins. To help, go to:
    and sign the petition. Actually, it’s a religious site, so maybe don’t go if your not religious. Or maybe go anyway. I don’t know what the protocol is. Use your better judgement.

  • ChrisC

    @Cam: Don’t go crying about being hit when you go swinging at people. He has no one to blame but himself. He’s no victim.

  • mike

    This guy has always been a hater. Why MSNBC even hired him in the first place is beyond me.
    He should be working over at Fox. They are a bunch of right wing haters anyway.

  • Austin - not That Austin

    He’s still giving opinions on the McLoughlin Group each week.

  • matt

    @Mr. T: Not even that title does him justice, as the worst of his homophobic antics are from the 80s and 90s, he would probably be a contender for douche of the century next to Joe McCarthy and Roy Cohn.

  • matt

    @GOD (gay old dude): There’s a huge difference between claiming to be a victim when you are one, and claiming to be a victim when you most assuredly are not. For example, the GOP candidates are continually whining about the “war on religion” when no one is trying to take away their rights and anti-Christian hate crimes are virtually nonexistent compared to anti-gay ones. No one is getting beat up or yelled at or having things thrown at them for being a Christian, the whole things is just a facade to defend their anti-gay views since just regurgitating bible quotes isn’t working so well anymore.

    As for pat, he’s been writing absurdly racist, sexist, homophobic, and otherwise bigoted things for DECADES, how could he be a victim? He claimed that AIDS is a punishment from god for being gay and that no one should have the right to be a “practicing sodomite.” This guy is about a step or two away from advocating throwing gays in concentration caps (actually he might have already advocated this for AIDS patients) and is claiming that it is us who are being intolerant.

  • Isaac C

    I can’t say that I’m satisfied with the outcome. He should not have been “fired” from MSNBC because of his views. That is very intolerant. His book and his views should be assessed on their merit and that’s where the debate should center, not on whether or not he is pro-gay or pro-diversity, etc.

  • Cam

    @GOD (gay old dude): said…

    “The author writes: “Ah victimization, the last refuge of the Douche.”
    How utterly ironic coming from a member of the gay community, or anyone for that matter.”

    Thats right, the poster who has so bought into his own victimization that he sees the gay community as an enemy.

    Buchannon claims to be a victim because he is called on being a bigot, as opposed to a group of people who he wants to deny the right to work, the right to marry, the right to exist.

    Since the difference is obvious I can only assume that you yourself are a bigot for pretending you can’t see the difference.

  • Lance

    @Shannon1981: Well yes, I am aware of that. I have even come to consider it a term of endearment.

  • B

    No. 2 · Mr. T wrote, ““Douche of the Week”? Nooooo. Buchanan’s DOUCHE OF THE DECADE.”

    It must be a slow news week.

    I’d barely give him “douche of the hour,” primarily because he hasn’t actually done anything beyond spouting off, although not for lack of trying. In his case, his
    ineffectiveness saves him. That’s the advantage of being a pundit. All you have to do is
    spout, not actually implement any of those brain dead ideas you come up with.

  • Shannon1981

    @Lance: I was ostracized at school after that. I wore it like a badge of honor, and, now that I have graduated, I still do.

  • B

    Oddly, just to see what Buchanan actually said, I scrolled through his
    website As a fraction of the total, he says very little about gays or homosexuality, although he’s known to have made a few outrageous anti-gay statements of roughly sound-byte length. Mostly his rants center around his conservatism and isolationism. He claimed that we did not have to get into World-War II, using a rather convoluted argument with a few claims that will really get some people upset. He also has a “Christians are being persecuted” complex, or so it seems.

    Anyhow, here’s a couple examples where he does say something about homosexuality (going through a large collection of his articles in detail is a rather boring undertaking that I decided not bother with – if you think you can find something juicier, have at it):

    “Friends of Larry Craig” (mostly being oddly sympathetic to Craig).

    “Why We Can’t Quit the Culture War” … You’d expect to find a lot of ranting about homosexuality in this one but you’ll just find it listed with other things Buchanan doesn’t like: “In politics, conservatives have won more than they have lost, but in the culture, the left and its Woodstock values have triumphed. Divorce, dirty language, adultery, blasphemy, euthanasia, abortion, pornography, homosexuality, cohabitation and so on were not unknown in 1960. But today, they permeate our lives.” That’s the only mention of the word “homosexuality” in the whole article.



  • Isaac C

    @B: Thanks, B. It’s interesting that he is being censored this way.

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