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Pat Dwyer + Stephen Mosher Are Celebrating Their 25th Anniversary By Getting Married. 7 Times. And Making A Movie About It

Pat Dwyer and Stephen Mosher have been together 25 years. Well, almost 25. See, they’re doing something really special for their silver date: they’re making a multi-state documentary about gay marriage. The Wedding Tour, currently in production with their friend Allan Piper directing things, has been following the New York City couple as they complete a seven-marriage tour across the country. In 2009 they decided to cancel their big-budget party planned for the big 2-5 and instead embark on a nationwide celebration. There was the Vermont farm house in December and an outdoor ceremony later in New Hampshire, then Iowa in January, and Massachusetts last month. Soon they’ll be off to California, where they cannot legally wed, and then Connecticut. So far the minimalist, scraped-together events have set them back just $2,000. And on April 26, 2011, they will be in Washington D.C. On their 25th anniversary. With cameras rolling. Congratulations boys. Can’t wait to see the opening credits. [The Wedding Tour on Facebook]


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  • Oprah

    Is this necessary?

  • justiceontherocks

    It’s called a mid-life crisis, Oprah.

    And at $500 per wedding, it ain’t doing a lot for the economy.

  • Oprah

    @justiceontherocks I agree. LOL

  • Dxx

    Really, Oprah and Justice?
    These are friends of mine. Very much in love, very serious about the issue. They’ve done their research about their rights and are trying to shine a light on the inequality that exists between states and for same-sex couples in a very real and accessible way. Why the nastiness? Pat and Stephen are out trying to prove a point, trying to raise specific awareness of an issue that will affect both of you (I’m assuming you’re both gay).
    But it’s much easier to snark on their age and be catty about the cost of the weddings, isn’t it?

    Keep up the good work, boys. Fighting the good fight, you two are.

  • justiceontherocks

    @Dxx: Oprah + Justice. Has a nice ring to it.

    I’m sure your friends are fine people and they care a lot about civil rights. But marriage inequality isn’t exactly a secret. In fact it would be pretty hard to make people any more aware of the divide than they already are.

    If this dog and pony show makes them feel good, knock yourself out guys. But don’t claim it has any opinion-changing social purpose, because it doesn’t.

  • Stephen Mosher

    We have a trailer for our (newly re-titled) film.

    Peace, all!

  • Dxx

    @justiceontherocks: That’s your opinion.

    Doesn’t explain or justify your (or Oprah’s) nastiness.
    Mid-life crisis? Yeah, No. Rude, unwarranted, WRONG, catty and useless commentary. You’ve no idea the process that led them to this, why they’re doing it or why they feel it’s important. Visibility in any form, humanizing gay love as just *love*, is admirable.
    Tearing down members of the community just to be a bitch? That’s just gross.

  • divkid

    @justiceontherocks:”Oprah + Justice. Has a nice ring to it.”

    NO! and HELL NO!!


    hold off ’till mormon gay wedding rights gets through and MAYBE i’ll consider a throuple.

    but i’m sooo taking back the cow now.

  • divkid

    @ stephen and pat:

    sorry, i know, pretty cryptic, huh, but the guilty party is in no doubt whatsoever!

    but good look with your marriage(s). the secret to a long happy one, you will no doubt already know,…
    is a substantially reduced lifespan.:-P

    but i don’t underestimate the importance of love and COMMITMENT — lawdy, lawdy nooo!. i knows how doggone hard it is to find a CONSTANT and FAITHFUL man, one who’s not FICKLE.
    mmm!, mmm!, mmm!


  • Oprah

    I have nothing to say, except i was exhausted when i made that comment. I got alot of love now. :)

  • Dynex

    Good for you guys! this looks beautiful and so does your love.

  • Chris

    I hope they will now add New York to their wedding tour :)

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