Pat Roberston’s Legal Woes

We get a sick thrill watching homophobes getting raked over the coals, so you can be sure we’re loving the fact that Pat Robertson‘s in court after using bodybuilder Phillip Busch‘s image to sell his protein shake.

Busch first ordered the allegedly age-defying bevvie – which Robertson peddles on his Christian Broadcasting Network – a few year ago and had tremendous results. To prove it, he sent Robertson some before and after pictures of himself, which Robertson promptly used as proof of his concoction’s potency. Busch, however, insists he never gave Robertson permission to profit from his pictures and now the two men are battling it out in court. Pensacola News Journal reports:

Busch says he didn’t know when he contacted CBN that Robertson recently had licensed his shake for commercial distribution by a nationwide health-food chain. He sued Robertson in September 2005, alleging that the broadcaster used his image for a commercial purpose without compensating him.

The case is set for trial in April. Robertson’s spokesmen have accused Busch of extortion, and Busch has posted disparaging comments about Robertson on his personal Web site.

As if that’s not bad enough, Busch claims Robertson threatened to kill him and his family. Not surprisingly, Robertson insists he said no such thing.

This wouldn’t be the first time Robertson’s been accused of threatening another’s life: former Christian Broadcasting Network executive Mark Peterson says Robertson passed a veiled threat along through his sister:

Pam, you give your brother this message from me…Wild horses that kick and destroy things without a bit in their mouth have to be put down. They have to be shot. You tell him that.

Hmmm, that could be a threat or it could just be a statement of fact. Although, we’re pretty sure it’s a threat.