Pat Robertson Doesn’t Want To Judge Gays, But Advises Woman To Reject Lesbian Niece Out Of Love

patrobertsonYou will no doubt be shocked to hear that Pat Robertson has once again said something unpleasant about the gays.

Some poor woman who watches Robertson’s 700 Club —which is still on the air! — writes in with a question. Her niece recently left Catholic school and came out to the family. “How should I respond…if I meet her partner?” the lady asks.

“The last thing you want to be is judgmental,” Robertson starts. “But you cannot accept it.”

He goes on to advise that the best way for the woman to love her niece is to reject her. Good idea! And of course, he repeatedly uses the term “homosexual lifestyle,” and compares being gay to adultery. He also concedes that gay people are talented artists, so thanks for that.

The clip in question comes to us by way of Right Wing Watch, who point out that Robertson’s a seasoned veteran when it comes to nasty antigay rhetoric.

His past hits include advising parents to tell their gay kids that they’re “on their way to Hell,” and also recommended sending children to ex-gay torture camps. Robertson’s disconnection from reality really is astounding here. Not only is he continuing to espouse insane ideas like a “gay lifestyle” and the myth of a creative gay monoculture, but apparently no one has told him that the ex-gay movement has pretty much disbanded at this point. Of course, there are still isolated quacks trying to force people to pray away the gay, but their numbers are fewer by the day.

And while we’re on the subject of his loathsomeness, he’s also recently claimed that climate change doesn’t exist, and anyone who says otherwise is part of a “socialist agenda” to “destroy America.” Sure, that’s very astute of you, Pat. We only just experienced our warmest 12-month period since record-keeping began in 1895, following a polar vortex that froze most of the country; we saw unprecedented flooding in Europe; and global agricultural production is slated to drop by 2 percent per decade for the next century. But you’re right, that’s all just a cover for destroying America.