Pat Robertson Fears “Thrusty” Gays Want To “Stick It To Christians”

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Are gay people on a secret mission to rape Christians, thus forcing them to participate in a perverse lifestyle? 700 Club‘s resident dinosaur/televangelist Pat Robertson seems to think so.

While talking about God-fearing business owners whom he believes are penalized for refusing to offer goods and services to LGBTQ people, Robertson suggested that gays are hellbent on destroying Christians.

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“Believers should not be forced to do something they don’t believe in,” Robertson said. “It is tyrannical to force somebody to give money and pay taxes for something they abhor.”

(Except, of course, when it comes to offering tax-exempt status to religious organizations.)

“The homosexuals don’t just want to be left alone,” he continued, “now they want to come out and stick it to the Christians. They made it clear and it’s an organized thrust throughout this nation to force conformity!”

Robertson then got nostalgic and pined for the days when people could still discriminate against gays without being criticized for it.

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“This used to be considered perversion, it used to be considered an abomination,” he recalled. “The Bible says it’s an abomination, the Bible says it’s a sin and these people say, ‘Not only do we want to practice our sinful ways like Sodom and Gomorrah, we’re going to make you like it and we’re going to make you participate whether you like it or not.'”

We think we speak for everyone when we say: Pat, nobody in the world wants you to “participate” in being gay with them.

Watch the clip below. Or don’t.

h/t: New Civil Rights Movement