Pat Robertson Loves Thinking About Hollywood’s Gay Casting Couches

Is it wrong to have a soft spot for senile old Pat Robertson? Sure, he’s evil incarnate, filling  your born-again senior relatives with crazypants lies about everything that frightens them. But it must be conceded that his bafflement, his doddering geriatric world view, his mystified-by-modern-times attitude, is hands-down hilarious. It’s like when your grandfather goes off on a rant about “race mixing” and “women’s libbers.” You just smile and nod and help him find his bag of Werther’s Originals.

Pat’s latest confusion, on display in this 700 Club interview with right-wing author Ben Shapiro to promote Shapiro’s book Primetime Progaganda, stems from his belief that Hollywood is involved in a conspiracy to brainwash America into becoming pro-gay and forcing straight actors to play homosexual roles in order to further those ends. Sure, he forgets the part about those actors being paid handsomely to play whatever role they’re lucky enough to get. And about guys like Rock Hudson. But he means well. Okay, that’s not true. He doesn’t. Let’s just say he means it.

Best strung-together-words exiting Pat’s mouth in the above clip: “…inserting gays one after the other…”