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Pat Robertson Reads God’s 2011 Housing Market Forecast, Verbatim

You must feel like a pretty lame human being, not able to hear the word of god so clearly you can recite his monologue word-for-word. But then you are not The 700 Club‘s Pat Robertson, giver of homosexual friendship advice, who says the lord spoke to him — using words like “interest groups,” “fixed incomes,” “bonds,” and “get out of debt and restrict purchases” — and said that a reckoning will arrive by 2013. The creditors are coming! Also: locusts. Maybe.

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    If you have never checked out the 700 Club on his CBN, you really should. It leaves one with a sense of bemusment and absolute horror………

    The chuckles come from this walking talking skeleton spewing his demented views on the world with his approving nodding co-host sort of a lunatic rightwing head bobbing Robin Quivers……..

    The horror is watching the snipets of his lemming like followers who have followed his advice and tithed 10% of their income to Robertson and his wicked ministries. These are people who are struggling with putting food on the table for their family. Yet they fall for his demented dogma and send portions of their meager earnings to this skeletor in the hopes the lord will “acknowledge their sacrifice and shine his love upon them”………

  • wtf

    Oh yeah, i see how it is. God talks to me and i end up in the psych unit for a few weeks. He does it and gets his own tv show!

  • dvlaries

    You know, if Robertson were an old horse, his “cowboy” would have taken him behind the barn, long before now, and put him out of his misery …right between the eyes.

  • tavdy79

    @PLAYS WELL WITH OTHERS: only wicked?

    I’d go a step further: he is the tool and protegé of the master of lies, a wolf in sheep’s clothing, a deceiver whose words spawn hate and encourage violence and wreck relationships. He is evil of the cruellest and most inhumane kind, destroying lives from the inside out.

    I honestly cannot think of a worse thing to say of a person who claims to be a Christian.

  • Daez

    Scare tactics are fun. This dude and Glenn Beck need to get a room and live out their homosexual fantasies. The world would be such a better place if they only did so.

  • S. E.

    @PLAYS WELL WITH OTHERS: I agree with everything you said but whether Pat Robertson is old or not (a skeleton) :) :) , he’s definitely not stupid. His brain is working for evil but it is definitely working. He is an expert at manipulating certain kinds of people and keeping the bucks coming in so he can continue to live in the style to which he’s become accustomed. I believe that most of those bad things he claimed God told him are going to happen, probably will happen, but God didn’t tell me that. The common sense God gave me told me that. Evil, selfish, greedy people like him and the other Republicans are going to be to blame for most of it. Going by the way things are now and the fact that the Republican fundamentalists gained a lot of power in the last election, even ousting judges that treat us gay people fairly, I don’t have to be psychic or told by anyone that there are real bad times ahead for gay people and those less fortunate financially . I don’t know why so many people can’t see that the reason there’s so many people out of work now is because most of the jobs, especially factory jobs, which is where the majority of people used to work (at least here this area), are no longer in this country. The manufacturers are providing jobs for people in other countries now because it puts more money in their pockets, and they are the ones that the Republicans are looking out for. The Republicans believe in get all you can and keep all you can for yourself, no matter if someone else can’t even afford basic necessities. If the Democrats tried to pass a law (I don’t know if they could) that would do away with “free trade agreement” and not allow businesses to “out source” any more (the only thing that’s going to provide the amount of jobs needed), you’d hear an outcry of “government takeover” and “socialism” the likes of which you’ve never heard before. Another problem with the lack of jobs, besides out-sourcing, is that there are too many people in the world but the heterosexuals just keep begatting them and try to force us to. I hope I’m wrong but I think that the people who think the economy is going to get better because the Republicans are going to create jobs are very delusional and out of touch with reality. If those things do happen that he said and if CBN and those other ones he named do prosper and are helped, it will be the anti-Christ and/or Satan that will be helping him, NOT God the father of Jesus Christ because NOTHING Pat Robertson says or does is in keeping with Jesus and what He said to do, especially concerning other people. Pat Robertson is a malicious liar, a greedy con man, a false teacher, and just generally the kind of person that Jesus said are hypocrites and vipers and ravening wolves on the inside. Pat Robertson, Charles Stanley, John Hagee, and all those other gay-hating, big-name TV fundamentalists are living in luxury by destroying peoples’ lives and living off of people who send their money, thinking they’re doing “the Lord’s work”.

  • perry

    maybe god can solve the housing problem. hatred. racism

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