Out Of Touch

Pat Robertson Thinks It’s OK To Have Gay Friends, Still Thinks We’re “Condemned By The Bible”

Pat Robertson is somehow still alive and continuing to spout his homophobic “wisdom” on CBN, though from the looks of that suit this segment could’ve been filmed in the late ’70s.

It all starts at the 4:55 mark with a question from a viewer who asks if he would be punished by God if he remained friends with the otherwise “upstanding” gay guys that just came out to him.

Robertson (who appears not to be aging so much as melting) just can’t resist looking directly into the camera to remind everyone at home that even though society doesn’t want to condemn homosexuals anymore, God still does.

Perhaps Robertson needs a swift reminder that society is evolving outside of that weird little studio where he’s filmed these segments since the beginning of time.

But if the man’s fashion sense hasn’t even evolved after all these years, how can we expect his beliefs to?