Pat Robertson Upset The Scouts Are OK With “A Few Kids Who Want To Do Sex With Each Other”

Pat Robertson, the dinosaur evangelist, continues to compete in the All-American Loony Finals, this time with a stream-of-consciousness rant that ranges from marriage equality to the Boy Scouts to gay sex. The problem, according to Robertson, is that a “tiny minority” is “willing to rip apart the framework of traditional marriage; to rip apart an organization that has done so much good for young people, the Boy Scouts; to rip apart certain of these other things that we have counted as important in our society; all for one thing: that the way they do sex will be accepted in the mainstream of society.” Robertson is also upset that the Scouts changed their policy “to accommodate a few kids who want to do sex with each other.”

Of course, “Hollywood and the so-called liberal media” are to blame for promoting gay rights. “Well, I don’t think so,” Robertson exclaimed.

He could have left off the last word.